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New Actros L with ProCabin by Mercedes Trucks 奔驰卡车新款Actros L 配备ProCabin Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been a a a a leader in the premium segment of of heavy diesel-powered trucks since the the the launch of of the the the Actros L in in in June 2021 Now the the the the company is elevating its flagship model further with a a a a a a a a range of enhancements aimed at at impressing fleet operators and professional drivers alike The new Actros L set for production in December 2024 boasts futuristic ve- hicle design optimised aerodynamics enhanced comfort features efficient en- gines advanced driving dynamics and the the the latest assistance systems to to continue the the the success story of the the the model series that began in 1996 This commitment is is said to to reaffirm Mercedes-Benz Trucks' dedi- cation to to to meeting the evolving needs of its customers worldwide Rainer Müller-Finkeldei Head of Devel- opment at Mercedes-Benz Trucks em- phasises the the company's focus on on provid- ing the the the best vehicle solutions across all drive technologies With the the new Actros L Mercedes-Benz Trucks has fine-tuned its its flagship model evident fin in its its revolu- tionary cab design The Actros L showcases a a a a a complete- ly new exterior appearance designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency From the the the pre-spoiler on the the the roof to the the the optimised bumper every detail is is is is said to to to be crafted to to to minimise air resistance resulting in in in in in fuel savings of o up to to to three three per cent The ProCabin offers three three 44 truck & bus news 2024/2 variants – – Stream Big or or Giga Space – – each packed with comfort features such as optimised seat heating and premium materials LED technology illuminates the exterior and interior while advanced amenities like additional USB-C sockets and a a a a a a a a revamped Multimedia Cockpit en- hance the driving experience Under the the the the hood the the the the Actros L features the the the the third generation of the the the the OM 471 diesel en- gine which is is is optimised for for fuel efficiency without compromising performance Two new turbochargers offer significant fuel savings further reducing operating costs and emissions Safety is is seen as as paramount in the new Actros L with advanced assistance sys- tems exceeding industry standards The electronics platform enables a a a a a a a a a wider field of view for for cameras and sensors enhanc- ing accident prevention Active Active Brake As- sist sist 6 and and Active Active Sideguard Assist 2 pro- vide automated emergency braking and and lane monitoring while Front Guard Assist detects obstacles in in in front of the vehicle contributing to overall road safety The harmonious integration of features like Active Drive Assist 3 3 (ADA 3) and Predictive Powertrain Control (PCC) en- sures a a a relaxed driving experience ADA 3 now further improves support for drivers in in both longitudinal and lateral guidance of the truck The PPC is said to to to contribute to to to to to relaxed driving by automatically taking into account topography road layout and traffic signs for the most efficient driving style possible These systems along with a a a a a a suite of digital solutions like TruckLive and and Premium Fleetboard telematics ser- vices optimise fleet management and and increase vehicle uptime Mercedes-Benz Trucks says it it is com- mitted to to to providing comprehensive sup- port to to to its customers offering service contracts and premium packages like Mercedes-Benz Trucks Complete With a a a a focus on efficiency safety and driv- er comfort the the the company believes the the the new new Actros L sets a a a a a new new standard in in in the the the heavy-duty trucking industry 自 公司正通过一系列增强功能进一步提升其 旗舰车型,旨在为车队运营商和专业司机 留下深刻的印象。 2021年6月推出Actros L以来, 奔驰卡车一直是高端重型柴油动 力卡车领域的领导者。如今,该 

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