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Tata Motors Inaugurates Advanced Vehicle Scrapping Facility 塔塔汽车公司启用先进的车辆报废设施 Tata Motors recently unveiled its latest endeavour in in in sustainable mobility with the inauguration of a a a a a a a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) near Delhi named 'Re Wi Re Re Re Re Re – Recycle with Respect' Partnering Johar Motors this facility boasts advanced processes capable of of safely disassembling 18 000 end-of- life vehicles vehicles annually encompassing passenger and and commercial vehicles vehicles from various brands This achievement adds to to the success of Tata Motors' ex- isting RVSFs in in Jaipur Bhubaneshwar Surat and and Chandigarh to to reiterate the company's dedication to to sustainable initiatives Reflecting on the launch Girish Wagh Executive Director Tata Tata Motors Motors said: “Tata Motors Motors is at at at at the the forefront of driving innovation and sustainability to to shape the the the future of of mobility The launch of of the the com- pany’s fifth scrapping facility marks a a a a a a a a a a sig- nificant step forward in in in in making sustain- able practices and responsible vehicle disposal more accessible Creating value from scrap aligns with Tata Motors’ vision of building a a a a a a a a circular economy It also contributes to the Indian Government’s 46 truck & bus news 2024/2 efforts to to promote sustainable automo- tive practices This state-of-the-art facility would set new benchmarks in in disposing vehicles responsibly and pave the way towards a a a a a a a a a cleaner more sustainable fu- ture for all ” Tata Motors says Re Re Wi Re Re stands as an an an an advanced facility designed specif- ically for the eco-friendly dismantling of of end-of-life vehicles that employs digitalised digitalised processes and seamless operations The fully digitalised digitalised facili- ty ty ty is is is equipped with dedicated cell-type and and line-type dismantling for commer- cial vehicles vehicles and and and passenger vehicles vehicles respectively and and and all all its operations are seamless and and paperless Additionally there are dedicated stations for the the safe dismantling of various components in- cluding tyres batteries fuel oils liq- uids and gases Every vehicle is said to undergo a a a a a a a a ‘meticulous documentation and dismantling process’ specifically designed to meet the requirements of passenger and commercial vehicles By doing so the dismantling process en- sures maximum attention to detail that guarantees the the safe disposal of all com- ponents and as per the the vehicle scrap- page policy Ultimately Tata Motors believes the Re Re Wi Re Re facility embodies a a a a a a a a ‘ground-breaking leap’ towards fostering sustainable practices within the automo- tive industry 塔塔汽车公司(Tata Motors)近日 公布了其在可持续交通领域的 最新举措。该公司在德里附近 开设了一家车辆注册报废设施(RVSF),名 为“Re Wi Re–尊重回收”。 这家与Johar Motors合作的工厂拥有先进 的流程,每年能安全拆解18 000辆报废 车辆,涵盖各个品牌的乘用车和商用车。 这一成就进一步巩固了塔塔汽车公司在斋 浦尔(Jaipur)、布巴内斯瓦尔(Bhu- baneshwar)、苏拉特(Surat)和昌迪加 尔(Chandigarh)现有RVSF的成功,重申 了该公司对可持续发展举措的承诺。 塔塔汽车公司执行董事瓦格(Girish Wagh)在回顾此次发布会时表示:“塔 塔汽车公司处于推动创新和可持续发展以 塑造未来出行的前沿。我们第五家报废 设施的启动,标志着塔塔在更容易实现的 可持续和负责任的车辆处置方面,向前迈 出了重要一步。它不仅从废料中创造价值 符合塔塔汽车公司建设循环经济的愿景, 还为印度政府促进可持续汽车实践的努力 做出了贡献。这个最先进的设施将为负责 任地处置车辆树立新基准,并为迈向更清 洁、更可持续的未来铺平道路。” 塔塔汽车公司称Re Wi Re是一家专门为报 废车辆的环保拆解而设计的先进设施,采 用数字化流程和无缝操作。该全数字化设 施配备了商用车和乘用车专用的单元式和 线式拆解,所有操作都是无缝和无纸化 的。此外,还有用于安全拆卸各种部件, 包括轮胎、电池、燃料、油、液体和气体 的专用站。据说,每辆车都符合乘用车和 商用车要求的细致文件记录和拆卸过程。 这样一来,就可确保拆卸过程中最大限度 地关注细节,保证所有部件的安全处置并 符合车辆报废政策。 塔塔汽车相信,Re Wi Re工厂最终将可体 现该公司在汽车行业促进可持续实践方面 的突破性飞跃。 

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