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MAN Malaysia Delivers First Double-Decker Coaches with ADAS to Super Nice Express 大马曼恩移交首辆草原快车ADAS双层巴士 MAN Malaysia General Manager Thayalan Subramaniam (3rd from right) handing over a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a commemorative certificate to Super Nice Chairman Roy Chew MAN MAN MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia) recently deliv- ered the first MAN MAN MAN double-deck- er er er er coaches with Advanced Driver Assis- tance Systems (ADAS) to Super Nice Express Sdn Bhd a a a a leading express bus company This coach coach is is part of of a a a a fleet of of 10 new MAN coaches ordered by Super Nice consisting of five five double-decker and five five single-deck units all equipped with ADAS The move comes in in in in re- sponse to the increasing demand for inter-state road travel Built on MAN's proven RR5 three-axle coach coach chassis the coaches are equipped with seven key driver assistance sys- tems for optimum safety These include Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) Adap- tive Cruise Control (ACC) Lane Depar- ture Warning (LDW) Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Tyre Pressure and Tem- perature Monitoring System (TPMS) Au- 20 20 truck & bus news 2024/2 tomatic tomatic Driving Light Activation (ADLA) and Automatic Wiper Control (AWC) The EBA automatically intervenes in in in three stages during emergencies by re- ducing torque activating brake lights and initiating full braking if necessary to to miti- gate collisions ACC maintains a a a a a a a a a a a safe dis- tance from other vehicles in in in in heavy traffic and and low visibility conditions by adjusting driving speed and and distance based on on on ra- dar sensor data LDW detects lane mark- ings ings and issues warnings if if the vehicle drifts from its lane without signalling re- ducing driver strain during long journeys The ESP monitors vehicle speed speed steer- ing ing ing input and and wheel speed speed to to selectively apply braking preventing rollovers and and and ensuring control and and and stability TPMS con- tinuously monitors tyre pressure and and tem- perature warning the driver of deviations to reduce downtime and and fuel consumption and and avoid tyre-related incidents ADLA adjusts headlamp brightness based on ambient light levels for optimal road il- lumination and visibility reducing driver strain in in in in in in in varying lighting conditions while AWC automatically activates windscreen wipers when raindrops are detected to to improve visibility especially in in in heavy rain rain Super Nice’s new double-decker coach- es es boast an an upgraded TX9 body body design by Penang-based coach coach body body build- er er Tact coach coach Seat & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Passengers opting for private rooms onboard could anticipate travelling in in in in in in distinctive zero gravity seats ensuring optimal blood circulation and minimising body aches Additionally they could in- dulge in in in in in in amenities including personal en- tertainment systems USB charging ports and and a a a a a a cold and and hot water dispenser MAN Malaysia Managing Director An- drew O’Brooks commended Super Nice for for its commitment to road safety by spec- ifying a a a a a comprehensive suite of of ADAS for for each of of its new MAN coaches 

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