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SDS Food Manufacturing Adds 24 Hino Trucks to Fleet SDS Food Manufacturing车队添加24辆日野卡车 From left: Lim Kok Tong Head of Sales Auto Auto Skyline Skyline Sdn Bhd Chang Farn Hay Assistant Manager HMSM HMSM Beck Beck Da Wei Executive Director Director Director Auto Auto Auto Skyline Skyline Skyline Chan Chan Ing Chyi Operating Officer HMSM HMSM Beck Beck Kuang Chiaw Managing Managing Director Director Director Auto Auto Skyline Skyline Cheng Choong Kwang Regional Manager Manager SDS Group Sdn Bhd Hiroshi Takahashi Managing Managing Director Director Director and Andrew Lee Deputy General Manager Manager HMSM for efficient manoeuvrability in tight spac- es es es the truck also boasts ‘impressive fuel efficiency’ that makes it an an an ideal choice for the company’s transport needs Partnering Hino which is backed by its ex- tensive nationwide network and compre- hensive services played an an an an important role in in in SDS Food Manufacturing's decision-making process The company believes this collab- oration ensures streamlined maintenance and robust after-sales support including access to to skilled technicians to to ensure the fleet's smooth and reliable operation Hino after-sales service offers on-going support Additionally the the company is is utilising the the resources of Hino Total Support Cus- Hino Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd (HMSM) together with Auto Skyline Sdn Bhd Bhd recently deliv- ered 24 Hino Hino 200 Series trucks to to a a a new customer SDS SDS Food Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd As part of SDS SDS Food Food Manufactur- ing’s fleet expansion plan the deal was said to to be sealed with trust and and confi- dence among HMSM Auto Skyline and and SDS Food Manufacturing The handover ceremony hosted by Auto Skyline took place at SDS Food Man- ufacturing's premises in in in Skudai Johor The trucks were presented by Auto Sky- line's Managing Director Director Beck Beck Kuang Chiaw and Executive Director Director Beck Beck Da Wei along with HMSM's Managing Di- rector rector Hiroshi Takahashi to to to SDS Group's Executive Director Tan Kim Chai and Re- gional Manager Cheng Choong Kwang to to mark the the commencement of their ‘endur- ing partnership’ As SDS Food Manufacturing expands its its operations it it it it decided to bolster its its fleet with with Hino trucks This strategic move is is said to to align with with the company's growth trajectory and increasing transportation needs SDS Food Manufacturing said it it opted for Hino due to its renowned quali- ty ty and reliability The company expressed 22 truck & bus news 2024/2 confidence in in in Hino's commitment which included comprehensive support such as as truck test drives technical assistance and tailored solutions to meet its specific requirements The Hino 200 Series truck which is now part of SDS Food Manufacturing's fleet is noted for its low height and compact design to facilitate smooth navigation through narrow city streets Engineered tomer Centre (HTSCC) in Sendayan which is operated by HMSM to to enhance the driving skills of commercial vehicle drivers SDS Food Manufacturing has enrolled its fleet supervisors in in in in in in training programmes aimed at improving driving proficiency Recognising the potential for increased fuel efficiency through enhanced driving skills these intensive courses cover driver driver safety eco-effi- cient driving techniques and driver driver fa- 

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