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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles to Expand Product Portfolio in Malaysian Market 东风商用车扩展大马市场产品组合 From left : Cheng Xiao Xiao Technology Manager Manager of of of of DFAC DFAC Oversea Oversea Department Department Ray Zhang Director of of of of RHD Area Market Qui XiaoJun General Manager Manager of of of of DFAC DFAC Overseas Department Department Tan Sri Dato’ Chew Chee Chee Kin President of of of of of Sunnway Group Wong Fook Chai Advisor Yeoh Yuen Chee Chee Chief Executive Officer Sunway Trading & Manufacturing Division and Jack Zhou Sales Manager of of RHD Area Market It’s been two years since Sunway Sunway Trad- ing ing and Manufacturing a a a a a a a a a division of Sunway’s Group acquired Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Malaysia Sdn Bhd (DFCVM) The transition was seamless enabling the the company to advance in in the the market Last year DFCVM launched the Captain Series Dongfeng's range of light-duty trucks to the the Malaysian market Along- side product introductions the the company also focused its efforts on on enhancing af- ter-sales services and providing product training Additionally plans are under- way to establish its own own CKD (Complete Knock Down) assembly line that is is aimed at at making its products more accessible and affordable ffor for customers These ini- tiatives align with the company's commit- ment to to supporting customers in in in navigat- ing ing market challenges Truck & Bus News had the opportunity to to sit down with Dongfeng Automobile Co Ltd (DFAC) Overseas Department General Manager Qiu Xiaojun during his field trip to visit DFCVM and its dealers in Malaysia DFAC is is the manufacturer of Dongfeng commercial vehicles The trip 16 truck & bus news 2024/2 is aimed at understanding market dev- el-opments trends and and requirements to better support the local industry “Headquartered in in Wuhan Hubei Dong- feng was established in in in 1969 and grew to become one of the largest Chinese state- owned automobile manufacturers The company’s offerings cover passenger cars as as as well as as as a a a a a a a a a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles including vans small trucks trucks light-duty to heavy-duty trucks trucks and and buses encompassing com- bustion and and electric mobility options Dongfeng’s global reach expansion con- tinues although penetration into the Ma- laysian market is slower due to to its right- hand drive (RHD) orientation contrasting with the the company’s predominantly left- hand drive products In fact the the the develop- ment of the the the RHD models was started this year year and in in the the the next two years we could introduce the the the the latest RHD RHD model model to Ma- laysia laysia In the the the the the past the the the the the RHD RHD models that the the the the Malaysian market received were the the the the old model variant but starting this year the the RHD development is is aligned with the the company’s new product introduction The company company plans to introduce a a a a a a a wide array of vehicles including vans mini trucks light-duty and and heavy-duty trucks and and bus- es through DFCVM " As the exclusive distributor of Dongfeng vehicles in in Malaysia DFCVM is is commit- ted to to staying ahead of regulatory chang- es With the Malaysian government's upcoming implementation of of Euro 4 emis- sion standards in in September of of this year he revealed that Dongfeng was proactive- ly preparing to to introduce Euro 5 emission vehicles to to to the the the country in in in the the the latter half of the the the year This strategic move is is is is said to to to to align with its mission to to to assist customers in in preparing for future requirements Dongfeng boasts mature technology in in Euro 5 emissions he continued with an an an annual sales volume ranging from 100 000 000 to 200 000 000 vehicles Current- ly ly ly the company was rigorously testing Euro 5 models tailored specifically for the Malaysian Malaysian market The testing pro- cess ‘meticulously’ considered Malaysian Malaysian market conditions including weather en- vironmental demands loading capacity requirements and and driving habits For in- stance the company was aware of Ma- laysia's high temperatures and factored this into its test protocols 

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