Chaoyang AT577 as OE Fitment on SAIC Maxus Heavy Truck RV


On the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, SAIC Maxus showed its heavy truck RV model Explorer Everest.

Chaoyang AT577 Incorporates ZC Rubber's BWT Technology 

This premium RV is fitted with Chaoyang AT577 in size 385/65R22.5 as the original equipment tire.

The Chaoyang AT577 is an all-season truck tyre excels in off-road performance and on-road comfort. It features beveled open shoulder and self-cleaning tread design with stone ejectors in the groove bottom to ensure long-life service both on and off-road conditions. 

The advanced compound provides satisfactory mileage and further reduced rolling resistance while reducing cuts and penetrations from off-road driving.

The application of ZC Rubber PSCT technology in the tyre design leads to a more uniform contact pressure for less uneven wear and ensures minimum profile deformation.

Furthermore, the Chaoyang AT557 tyre incorporates ZC Rubber's latest BWT (Belt Wrap Technology), which significantly improves tyre durability, safety, and rolling resistance.

ZC Rubber has been committed to developing tyre products satisfy the diverse customer needs and a broad range of driving styles over the years. The company will continue to put it utmost effort in product development and technology innovation in response to evolving market demands.

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