Yokohama Rubber Introduces Geolandar A/T XD for Commercial Pickup Trucks

Yokohama Rubber

The Geolandar A/T XD is designed for use especially on large commercial vehicles, such as full-size pickup trucks.

New Geolandar A/T XD Available in 28 Sizes 

The Yokohama Rubber Co Ltd has announced that in March it launched sales gradually in North America and Australia of Geolandar A/T XD, a new tyre in its Geolandar brand of tyres for SUVs and pickup trucks. The Geolandar A/T XD is designed for use especially on large commercial vehicles, such as full-size pickup trucks. It is being made available in 28 sizes.

The new all-terrain tyre able to withstand the harsh conditions and environments in which commercial vehicles used in mining and agricultural work are operated. The tyre’s development focused on improving its durability to enhance drivability in the roughest conditions, including offroad and on snow, and ensuring a long mileage. It has received the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol” given to tyres deemed suitable for use as winter tires in severe snow condition.

Given the growing global popularity of SUVs and pickup trucks in recent years, Yokohama Rubber has accelerated its development and introduction of new additions to the Geolandar series as well as expanded size line-ups. In addition to the all-terrain Geolandar A/T XD, the diverse Geolandar brand line-up includes the Geolandar A/T G015, a standard tyre suitable for use in on- and off-road driving, and the Geolandar X-AT, a tyre developed to meet the needs of drivers who want to tune and dress up their vehicles for off-road driving.

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