Isuzu Delivers First Unit of New Generation Giga Prime Mover to Xinsteel

Isuzu Malaysia

Xinsteel Sdn Bhd recently purchased three units of the latest Giga range from Isuzu's authorise dealer SV Prestige Sdn Bhd.

Xinsteel Invests in Isuzu New Generation Giga Prime Mover

Klang-based Xinsteel Sdn Bhd, a steel sheet manufacturing company, recently purchased and received its first unit of Isuzu Giga EXZ460 6x4 prime mover with manual transmission, a newly launched new generation Isuzu Giga Prime Mover.

On top of that, the company placed an order for another two units from this latest Giga range, which would be delivered within the next two months. All the three trucks were purchased from Isuzu’s authorised dealer SV Prestige Sdn Bhd.

Started in 2011, Xinsteel began business in the operation of blast furnaces and steel mills. The newly added Giga unit would be used to transport Xinsteel’s metal sheet to customers nationwide as the company’s business scales up.

A truck handover event was held recently at a regional Giga event in Puchong and was attended by senior management members of Xinsteel, Isuzu Malaysia and SV Prestige.....

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马来西亚五十铃(Isuzu Malaysia) 私人有限公司不久前发布了新一代的 GIGA 卡车系列, 为重型卡车和牵引卡车推出 5 款新车型。这新一代五十铃 GIGA 卡车系列是自 1994 年在日 本推出第一代重型卡车以来,首次迎来全面改款的车型。该系列具备更强的引擎马力、坚 固车身和卓越的空气动力学设计。卡车座舱设计还融入了能满足司机需求的功能,以此提 高行驶效率、舒适度和安全性。

五十铃 GIGA 卡车分为“C”系列和“E”系列。CYZ420 是配置 7 速手动变速箱的坚固卡车; EXR420 4x2 EXZ460 6x4 为牵引车,并配置高达 16 速的手动或自动变速箱(AMT)。这些卡 车搭载 15.6 升的 6WG1 引擎,能产生相等于 420 马力和 460 马力的拉力,废气排放量达到欧三标 准(Euro 3)。

配置 AMT Smoother-GX 变速箱的车款能减少换挡震荡,确保卡车行驶顺畅。此变速箱还会自动控 制卡车加速和换挡,使卡车更省油、更舒服,还能减少驾驶疲劳。有了强劲的动力、良好的性能和 坚固的车身,全新 GIGA 卡车将成为需求苛刻的建筑业、重型运输业和散装运输业的理想选择.....




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