CAAS Confirms New Supply Contract with Scania


China Automotive Systems (CAAS), a leading power steering components and systems supplier in China, has announced a new agreement with Scania. The deal will involve CAAS fitting eRCB steering systems for Scania trucks and buses.

New Contract Ensures Fusion Between Technology and Safety

With a combination of CAAS’ technology and its advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) L4 platform, named AP04, CAAS’ eRCB steering system is a fully electric intelligent steering system for light- and medium-duty trucks and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The steering system is expected to become the world's first mass-produced fully electric intelligent power steering system for commercial vehicles, which will be of interest to OEMs. The system has an innovative twin electric motor structure with high output torque. CAAS' AP04 driver-assist system will also enable vehicles to execute level-4 autonomous driving with a high level of functionality, safety and network security.

Mr. Qizhou Wu, chief executive officer of CAAS, commented, "We are excited to add another global OEM to our customer list. We look forward to reaching another major milestone as we continue to drive our international growth through continued innovation and superior quality. Due to the heavy payloads and tough road conditions, the commercial vehicle market is still dominated by traditional hydraulic steering systems, which presents a unique opportunity for our new product, which is more environmentally friendly and driver-friendly."

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