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Hap Seng Trucks Completes Handover of 15 Mercedes-Benz Prime Movers to MBA Hauliers Sdn Bhd

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution has conducted the official handover of 15 Mercedes-Benz Actros prime movers to Klang-based haulage and logistics specialists MBA Hauliers Sdn Bhd in a ceremony held in early September at Hap Seng Trucks’ Klang branch. The handover was conducted by Mr Adrian Tay Shei Wei – Head of Sales Operations, Hap Seng Trucks Sdn Bhd in the presence of En. Amirul Hafiz – Managing Director, MBA Hauliers Sdn Bhd and other senior managers.

MBA Hauliers Receive 15 New Actros Units

MBA Hauliers, who purchase the majority of their vehicles from Hap Seng, over half of which are Actros, acquired the 6×4 Actros prime movers as part of an expansion plan which foresees the addition of a further 16 units in due course.

“We made these purchases due to the fact that the market is stable and in support of our strong customer base,” said Managing Director En. Amirul. “Previously we were just a long-haul container haulier, but now we are looking to expand the fleet and our business by venturing into the mining sector, transporting silica and coal. We are expecting to make the new investment as soon as the stock is available,” he added.

According to En. Amirul, a key reason for MBA Hauliers’ continued partnership with Hap Seng is the quality and reliability of the service provided by the latter. “There are so many challenges in the haulage business, both in-house and external,” he explained. “Purchasing the Actros makes my worries less, because I know that in one call my problems will be solved as Hap Seng is a one-stop service centre for me, covering financing, purchasing, sales team support, exemption, registration, inspection, etc. This offers significant peace-of-mind, of course. On a day-to-day basis, we have a lot of things to do, and I don’t have any time to think when the truck is going to inspection. All I need to do is contact the salesman, and everything is sorted out by Hap Seng.”

For En. Amirul, a further key benefit of the association with Hap Seng Trucks is the support provided in terms of fixed cost R&M (Repair and Maintenance) Contracts. “The support we receive from Hap Seng with regards to R&M contracts is really significant,” he explained. “I don’t need to think about the costs as they are all fixed. We let Mercedes handle the maintenance so I can focus on the marketing and management of the company. In a very competitive business environment like ours, you never know if your client will stay, but if you have an R&M contract, at least you know your costs are fixed.

“When I first purchased in 2016 with a competing brand, for the first one or two years we thought we were wasting money,” he continued, “but we realised that once we get to the fifth year the costs can be really high. After we discussed the issue with Hap Seng, we saw that the R&M package is better, as if you have to overhaul a truck engine, it can cost a lot of money to change all the parts. In the third, fourth and fifth year of a R&M contract, you can really see the savings. It is quite a large sum.”

“We value our relationship with MBA Hauliers very highly and are delighted that they are seeing such a good return on their investment in their vehicle purchases,” commented Adrian Tay Shei Wei for Hap Seng Trucks. “In addition to the help we offer in controlling and managing their repair and maintenance costs, we also provide regular driver training and guidance, which helps maintain driver satisfaction as well as optimising the management of fuel and tyre costs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with En. Amirul and his team in the future.”

MBA Hauliers Sdn Bhd, founded in 2016 and based in Klang, is a fast-growing Bumiputra owned logistics haulier. The company provides haulage services on a national basis with particular strength in the FMCG and Auto Parts sectors as well as a growing presence in the mining sector. The company is currently a contractor for VW, Volvo and Proton.


合成卡车向 MBA Hauliers移交 15 辆奔驰牵引车


合成卡车分销于9 月初在其巴生分行,正式将15 辆梅奔驰 Actros 牵引车移交给巴生运输和物流专家 MBA Hauliers私人有限公司。该交车仪式由合成卡车私人有限公司销售业务主管 Adrian Tay Shei Wei主持,出席者包括MBA Hauliers董事经理阿米鲁(Amirul Hafiz和其他高级经理。 

MBA Hauliers从合成购买了大部分车辆,其中Actros占了一半以上,他们购买了 6×4 Actros牵引车作为该公司扩展计划的一部分,并预计会在适当的时机再添购16 辆。

董事经理阿米鲁表示:“市场稳定和支持我们强大的客户群是我们购买这些卡车的原因。 他补充说:“以前我们只是一家长途集装箱运输公司,但现在我们希望通过进军采矿业、运输二氧化硅和煤炭来扩大我们的车队和业务。我们希望在这些车辆仍然有存货时尽快进行新的投资。

据阿米鲁表示, MBA Hauliers 合成继续合作的一个关键原因是后者提供的服务质量和可靠性。无论是内部还是外部,运输业务都面临着如此多的挑战。他解释说。购买 Actros 让我少了一些后顾之忧,因为我知道一通电话就能解决我的问题,因为合成对我来说是一站式服务中心,涵盖融资、采购、销售团队支持、税务豁免、车辆注册、检查等这可以让我们高枕无忧。每天我们有很多事情要做,我没有时间去想卡车什么时候去检查。我只需要联系合成的销售人员,他们就会解决一切。

对阿米鲁来说,与合成卡车合作的另一个主要的好处是该公司所提供,成本固定的 R&M(维修和养护)合同。通过合成R&M 合同获得的支持对我们而言非常重要。他解释说。我不需要考虑成本,因为它们都是固定的。我们让奔驰负责维修,这样我就可以专注于公司的营销和管理。在像我们这样竞争非常激烈的商业环境中,你永远无法知道你的客户是否会留下来,但如果你有 R&M 合同,至少你知道你的成本是固定的。

2016年,当我第一次购买竞争品牌时,头一两年我们认为我们在浪费钱。他续说:但我们意识到一旦到了第五年,成本可能会非常高。我们跟合成商量过后,发现R&M配套比较好,万一卡车引擎需要大修,更换所有的零件就要花很多钱。在 R&M 同的第三年、第四年和第五年,你可以真正看到节省下来的费用。这是一笔不小的数目。

合成卡车 Adrian Tay Shei Wei 评论说:我们非常重视与 MBA Hauliers 的关系,很高兴看到他们在购车方面的投资获得了如此丰厚的回报。除了在控制和管理维修和保养成本方面为他们提供的帮助外,我们还提供定期的驾驶员培训和指导,这有助于保持驾驶员满意度并优化燃油和轮胎成本的管理。我们期待未来能够继续与阿米鲁,还有他的团队合作。

MBA Hauliers成立于 2016 年,总部位于巴生,是一家快速发展的土著物流运输公司。该公司提供全马运输服务,不仅在快速消费品和汽车零部件行业具有特别强的实力,在采矿行业的影响力也在不断地扩大。该公司目前是大众、沃尔沃和普腾的承包商。




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