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Fleetguard Fuel Water Separator Protects Diesel Engine Fuel System & Enhances Engine Performance

Hong Seng Power Sdn Bhd has been the Fleetguard authorised dealer in Malaysia since 2006.

Hong Seng Power Highlights the Importance of Fuel Water Separator 

Over the past 16 years, the company successfully penetrated a wide range of market segments and has 2000 line items in its inventory.

It is quite common to find diesel engines equipped with at least a basic fuel filtration device. Yet, significant changes in global diesel emission standards have driven even greater developments in fuel system pressure, component tolerance and the need for even better filtration.

“Engine filtration could be overwhelmed by large amounts of water or other contaminants. Water could be found in three different forms in fuel; dissolved, free or coarse and emulsified. Water in fuel hastens corrosion and accelerates wear of fuel components by reducing lubrication as well as promotes growth of organic sludge, referred to as asphaltenes, the main cause of premature filter plugging. With a Fleetguard fuel water separator, critical protection to the components in the diesel engine fuel system is achieved to ensure optimum engine performance,” says Managing Director Vincent Teoh……

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在过去的16年中,该公司成功打入了广泛的细分市场,并在其库存中拥有 2,000 种产品线。


董事经理张海荣表示:“引擎过滤器可能会被大量的水或其他污染物淹没。在燃料中可以找到三种不同形式的水:溶解、游离或粗糙和乳化水。燃料中的水会减少润滑,加速腐蚀和燃料系统部件的磨损,并促进有机污泥(称为沥青质)的生长,这正是过滤器提早堵塞的主要原因。借助 Fleetguard 燃油水分离器,可以对柴油引擎燃油系统中的组件进行关键保护,确保燃油的最佳性能…..”


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