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Hyzon Motors Sell 500 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to Shanghai Logistics Company

Hyzon Motors Shanghai Logistics

Hyzon will provide hydrogen-powered electric trucks to HongYun Automotive under a newly signed MoU. 

Hyzon Motors Inked MoU with HongYun Automotive

Hyzon Motors Inc has signed of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Shanghai Hydrogen HongYun Automotive Co., Ltd to supply 500 units of 49-ton hydrogen-powered electric trucks.

The initial order of 100 vehicles is expected before the end of 2021 while the other 400 vehicles will be ordered in 2022.

“Hydrogen fuel cell technology has been adopted more quickly in China than in the rest of the world,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. “This allows Hyzon to begin the critical work of decarbonising the environment, while building experience, capacity, and expertise which will be applied globally.”

HongYun Automobile focuses on providing logistics solutions primarily through hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles. The company provides operation, leasing and maintenance service for customers across the country, including one of the world’s largest steelmakers. After Hyzon delivers the vehicles, HongYun will be responsible for the subsequent commercial arrangements with its end customers.

Hyzon Motors noted that hydrogen fuel tanks can be refilled as fast as diesel tanks, a distinct advantage over batteries that typically take at least twice as long to recharge.

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