Havi to Use New Plug-in Hybrid Truck from Scania in Research

Scania HAVI

Scania recently delivered a plug-in-hybrid truck (PHEV) to Havi.

Havi's New Scania Plug-in Hybrid

The truck will run Havi’s regular operations in Stockholm and its suburbs, but also be a part of trials in a couple of research projects. This means it will operate most hours, both night and day.

Havi has done night-time deliveries in Stockholm since 2019, resulting in lower emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. Something that shows the potential for remarkable transport efficiencies and societal benefits of deliveries off-peak.

The new truck is an upgraded version from the ones already in use. This time, it has a hybrid cooling unit that can be powered by electricity. It also has its own system, its own battery, to keep it silent. The deliveries are made even more quiet with the use of silent materials for the tail lift and floor. From a working environment perspective, this is the first time Havi has tried out a low-entry cab. “This will be evaluated by our drivers,“ says Camilla Eklof, Nordic Quality & Sustainability Manager at Havi. “The reach is much longer this time, up to 60 km. We will learn from that, and use our findings to optimise electrification in the city and even further from the centre“.

Hits is off-peak deliveries taken one step further. “For Havi, this is a great way to continue with the tests we have done earlier.” says Eklof. Their customers also tend to be more flexible, and are curious about the advantages with electricity. Hits consists of several parts; night-time deliveries and off-peak deliveries among others. The next step considers deliveries where no one is present, at unmanned restaurants. “How can we handle deliveries when no one is working at the place that needs the goods?”

Besides Hits, the truck also participates in a project about smart urban traffic zones, where the city of Stockholm creates an IoT platform to try dynamic geofencing, with sensors at Hornsgatan, one of the capital’s heavily trafficked streets, telling drivers to drive more slowly. Scania is involved and this starts autumn 2021. 


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