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Fuso Shinagawa Branch Reopened

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd has renewed and just opened its Shinagawa branch , which is an important base in Tokyo.

Shinagwa Branch Reopened in Tokyo

The Shinagawa branch is located in the southwestern part of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and is an important base in Tokyo, close to distribution points such as Haneda Airport, Oi Wharf, and Ota Market. This renewal is part of the “Mirai” project, which aims to provide higher quality services and improve the working environment for employees by improving and establishing facilities at domestic sales bases.

By consolidating the previously dispersed offices and parts storage into one new office, the building have increased the parking space for warehousing vehicles. In addition, the entrance, exit and the flow lines of vehicles on the premises have been reviewed to make entry and exit smoother. Based on the Fuso dealer concept, the new office building has a modern exterior design based on the brand colors red, black, and white, and pursued durability and safety by sticking to building materials. The rooftop and side walls are greened, aiming for an environmentally friendly building. The waiting rooms for customers are separated by gender. It’s aimed to create a comfortable space for customers with reclining chairs and also introduce equipment for people with physical disabilities.

MFTBC positions the Shinagawa branch as the flagship store for digitalisation efforts at its sales bases. They have set up a “digital service center” in the office and mechanic room which can see the warehousing and work status of the factory at a glance to facilitate warehousing management. The Shinagawa branch is also cooperating with the activities of the “Kodomo Shokudo” in the surrounding area.

Kodomo Shokudo” has been cooperating with local related organisations since 2018 as part of “Fuso Kids“, a project by MFTBC to support children around the world. Around the Shinagawa branch, which is located in a residential area in the city center, there are many children who cannot have dinner at home due to reasons such as their parents working late and their parents returning late. The “Kodomo Shokudo” is an activity for such children to eat dinner, play and study, and the Shinagawa branch provides some of the facilities as a venue to the management organisation free of charge. In this renewal of the Shinagawa branch, equipped a restaurant facility with a height suitable for children.

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