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The Cultural Cost of CPK By Michael Hutt,Group Marketing Manager, Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group

Cost per Kilometre (CPK) is a measure of cost vs. efficiency for tyres.

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre: We have Knowledge Equated to Longevity & Continued Business Success 

It’s a similar metric to what is used in other areas of the logistics industry. We are all aware of the specifics: Material, compound, longevity etc. However, what is often ignored is the cultural cost that isn’t factored in.

We know tyres; it is our business, it has been our business for 90 years. Kit Loong has been around since before the second world war and before Malaysia was an independent country, so it’s clear we have a knowledge that has equated to longevity and continued business success. We will discuss tyres as a point of reference here, but you can be sure that what applies to tyres also applies to other aspects of logistics, whether it be vehicle maintenance, batteries, fluid, staff etc. But we will use CPK to illustrate our point, but the same cultural cost we will discuss can be applied to any measure; whether it be Revenue per TEU, Revenue by trip, turnaround by Prime Mover, total on-time deliveries, or any other way of monitoring the efficiency of a logistics or land transport business….

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麦克尔●赫德(Michael Hutt)撰文


每公里成本 (CPK) 是衡量轮胎成本与效率的指标。它与物流行业里其他领域使用的指标类似。我们知道的细节有材料、复合物、使用寿命等,然而却经常忽视文化成本,没有将它包含在内。

我们了解轮胎;这是我们的业务,一个我们从事了90 年的业务。早在第二次世界大战和马来西亚独立之前,吉隆就已经存在,所以我们拥有等同于长寿和持续商业成功的知识是不争的事实。我们将在这里以轮胎作为参考点来讨论,但您可以肯定的是适用于轮胎的内容也适用于物流的其他方面,无论是车辆维护、电池、液体、员工等。虽然我们以CPK 来说明我们的论点,但是我们将讨论的文化成本可以应用于任何衡量标准。无论是每TEU收入、出行收入、牵引车的周转、准时交付的总计,或其他监控物流或陆路运输业务效率的方式…..




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