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Renault Trucks T, T High, C & K Evolution 2021

Renault Trucks Evolution 2021

Renault Trucks is upgrading and bringing major improvements in terms of driving comfort, on-board comfort, safety and productivity.  

Renault Trucks Decides to Change Exterior Design

In 2021, Renault Trucks has decided to start changing the exterior design of its vehicles, adopting a more assertive style, particularly in terms of the headlights, which have been reduced in size to increase the painted surface of the lower body section. This includes a bumper corner, step boxes and lower front panel. As well as this,  a new honeycomb grille completes the modern design of the 2021 Renault Trucks.

The vehicles are fitted with a new three-axis adjustable steering column. This enables drivers to adopt the driving position that suits them best.  The column is adjusted using a single foot control to set both the position and the tilt of the steering wheel. Adjustment with both hands on the wheel and instant locking ensures both precision and safety.

As an HGV driver spends an average of nine hours a day behind the wheel, the seats need to remain comfortable throughout the life of the vehicle and be suited to each driver. Renault Trucks has therefore redesigned its range of seats and now offers a modular range for complete flexibility in terms of settings, choice of combinations and options. The manufacturer has also introduced new textiles, designed to withstand the many climbs in and out of the cab every day.

The 2021 version of the Renault Trucks T, T High, C and K also features new storage solutions. Renault Trucks has added a tablet and smartphone holder, positioned within easy reach of the driver, providing access to several devices simultaneously and charging them via two USB-C sockets. A new A4 document storage drawer has also been added. On the passenger side, the vehicles have two storage spaces with a total capacity of 7 litres.

A truck is not only a driver’s work tool, it is also where they rest and sleep. The quality of the bed is therefore crucial. For the driver’s well-being and increased longevity of the equipment, Renault Trucks has increased the thickness of the mattress of the “Serenity” bunk by 13% and doubled the number of springs, providing optimal support thanks to a better distribution of body weight.

For added convenience, two USB-C sockets have also been added to the bunk area to make it easier to charge electronic devices, while keeping them within easy reach of the driver during rest periods. Finally, to improve sound quality in the cab, Renault Trucks has teamed up with the French manufacturer Focal, for the supply of hi-fi equipment and speakers.

High safety levels for drivers and road users have also been a core focus in the development of the Renault Trucks T, T High, C and K ranges. The new Renault Trucks T, T High and C are fitted with LED lights as standard. As it is closer to natural light, LED light gives drivers a better perception of contrasts and colours. This significantly improves night-time visibility and therefore safety.

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