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Year-to-Date Commercial Vehicle Sales for Malaysia a Clear Improvement on 2020 Levels

With commercial vehicles showing a 15% increase in sales and a 12% increase in production, November has helped consolidate 2021 as a better year for the Malaysian market, in figures released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Commercial Vehicles Show Positive Statistics Across the Board

Starting with production, November showed healthy figures, with 4,418 vehicles produced, against 3,938 from the previous November. This 12% increase has helped maintain a continuing rise in the year-to-date figures, with 30,955 sales, against 23,488 from last year, which is a very positive 32% increase.

Sales for November pipped production, with a 15% rise, or 6,141 sales, against 5,333 from the previous year. The year-to-date figures reflect this with a 16% increase, with 48,662 vehicles sold this year against 41,814 from the year before.

While sales chips have continued to affect the market, the MAA has never-the-less noted that December will be a strong month, at the very least maintaining November levels. In terms of production, companies will continue to work as hard as possible to fulfil backlog orders for companies for this financial year. On top of this, companies are unveiling promotional campaigns to spur on levels to end the year on a high, in positive news for commercial vehicles

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