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Hiab Launches iQ.1188 HiPro with New Control System

Hiab iQ.1188 HiPro
The iQ.1188 HiPro is the largest Hiab crane to date with a long reach and great lifting capacity, but still lightweight in a compact package.

Hiab:  iQ.1188 HiPro for Precise Manoeuvres and High Speeds

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched the super heavy loader crane Hiab iQ.1188 HiPro with the company’s new control system to deliver new productivity and safety benefits. The iQ range is Hiab’s new generation of loader cranes based on the new control system SPACEevo combined with the CombiDrive 4 remote control that is used for the first time on the iQ.1188 HiPro.

The iQ.1188 HiPro is...

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