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Build to Satisfy – The Making of the Extraordinary Fuso Canter Tanker Truck

FatHopes Energy Sdn Bhd is one prime example of a happy customer that Hap Seng Trucks Distribution has gained during their years of operations. 

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Go the Extra Mile to Create Memorable Customer Experience

Meeting customer’s expectations in today’s competitive business environment is often not enough. It might keep you in the industry, but to be truly successful, a company has to effectively manage and exceed customer’s expectations. This involves the effort of creating a great customer experience and the company always being willing to go the extra mile, which are the two contributing factors that enhance customer’s loyalty.

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), the exclusive general distributor of Fuso trucks in Malaysia has demonstrated the aforementioned golden rules in its daily dealings with clients, which have contributed to customer retention. FatHopes Energy Sdn Bhd is one prime example of a happy customer that they’ve gained during their years of operations. 

Vinesh Sinha, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FatHopes Energy revealed that they had been partnered with different vehicle manufacturers and suppliers over the years. Before they implemented a centralised vehicle procurement system, he said, the procurement of trucks was localised.

FatHopes Energy specialises in the realm of waste and residue biofuels feedstock origination, which involves aggregation, purification and conversion of the same into high-quality biofuels. We have 11 factories across Malaysia, so to handle our geographically diverse teams, each factory carried out its own procurement of trucks. At that time, we believed that this was more efficient as if a need arose it could be sourced and filled immediately. Furthermore, the local team understood their own needs better, and the local vehicle supplier was able to render better support in terms of maintenance and aftersales service,” he explained…. 

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在与客户的日常交易中,马来西亚扶桑卡车总经销商合成卡车分销私人有限公司(HSTD)采用了上述有助于保留客户的黄金法则。 FatHopes能源私人有限公司,是该公司多年运营中满意客户的典型例子。 

FatHopes能源创始人兼首席执行长维纳什( Vinesh Sinha透露,他们多年来一直与不同的汽车制造商和供应商合作。他说,在实施集中车辆采购系统之前,卡车都是由他们在各地的团队自行采购。 

他解释说:“FatHopes能源专注于废物和残渣生物燃料原料来源领域,包括将它们聚合、纯化和转化为高质量生物燃料。我们在马来西亚拥有 11 家工厂,为了方便我们不同地域团队的操作,每个工厂都各自购买他们的卡车。当时,我们认为这样做更有效率,因为一旦有需要,各个工厂就可以立即采购和填补。更何况,各个团队比总公司更了解他们自己的需求,再加上当地车辆供应商在维护和售后服务方面也可以提供更好的支持…..”



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