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Virtual Signing Ceremony Between Mpire and The Lorry

Mpire has signed a virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Lorry to provide low total ownership costs for 5000 of The Lorry’s partner drivers.

Mpire Helps The Lorry’s Partner Drivers Reduce Operating Cost 

The MOU was signed by Dato Billy Goh, Group Managing Director, Mpire Group and Ethan Lim, Country Manager, The Lorry.

With the signing of this MOU, Goh explained that, the driver partners of The Lorry would not only be able to access world-class JAC lorry but the high quality after sales support services and multiple options of vehicle ownership programmes.

“As a logistics platform, our role is to provide our driver partners with products and services that are superior in the market. This collaboration, a first of its kind enables them to lower their operating cost, while increasing their competitiveness and growth of their business,“said Lim…. 

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Mpire与The Lorry以虚拟方式签署谅解备忘录


Mpire与The Lorry以虚拟方式签署谅解备忘录,为The Lorry的5千名司机伙伴提供低总拥有成本。

Mpire 集团集团董事经理拿督吴世伟与The Lorry区域经理Ethan Lim 签署了谅解备忘录。

在该谅解备忘录下,吴世伟表示,The Lorry的司机伙伴除了可取得世界级的JAC罗里,还有高品质的售后服务支援,以及多种可供选择的车辆拥有权计划。


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