Giti Focuses on Meeting Professional Fleet Organisations’ Needs

Giti Tire Malaysia

Giti Tire has invested significantly in the commercial tyre segment to meet various needs of professional fleet organisations. 

Giti - the Solution Provider for Trucking Industry 

Singapore-based global tyre company Giti Tire understands the requisites of resilience and consistency in its products and services within the highly competitive and fast changing marketplace. With its roots going back more than 65 years in the tyre industry, the company has the necessary resources in place.

“Ranked among the top 10 tyre manufacturers in the world, Giti Tire has proved quite a balanced investment in the consumer and commercial tyre segment. We have invested quite significantly in the commercial tyre segment as well to meet the various needs of professional fleet organisations, providing products, maintenance, marketing and technical support, quality monitoring, retreading, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance. Working with the right partners, Giti doesn’t just operate as a tyre manufacturer, but rather a solution provider for the trucking industry,” said Giti Tire Malaysia Country Manager Matthew Wai.....

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