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Road Transport Department Reopens Services for Commercial Vehicles

Road Transport Department

According to a report in The Star, The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is making 13 more services available related to commercial vehicles as of May 11 as MCO measures begin to be lifted. The move doesn’t spell good news for private vehicles though with their services being resumed at a later date.

Commercial Vehicle Services Reopened by JPJ

The article in The Star stated that the 13 new services include renewal of motor vehicle road tax (LKM) for e-hailing, taxis or rental vehicles, as well as renewal of vocational driving licence (PSV) for these vehicle types.

Additionally, the JPJ are going to be processing transactions related to new commercial vehicle registrations; ownership change of commercial vehicles, and various applications, including for vintage or classic status; commercial vehicle modification and A16 (weight and dimension). Furthermore, applications for weight certification; vehicle technical plan; installation of headlights; PE or consultant registration; component type approval (CTA) and vehicle type approval (VTA) will be available.

A communication from The Road Transport Department on May the 8th said, “Counter operations will only be on working days from 8am until 3pm, while transactions after 11am will be limited to e-payment. The public is encouraged to use e-payment methods (debit or credit card).”

The Road Transport Department has stated that the reopening of its services during the MCO period has focused on commercial vehicles as a means to support the economy.

SOURCE: The Star

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