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Pahang Trucking Association Celebrates 26th Anniversary

The 26th Anniversary Celebration of Pahang Trucking Association was well attended by 300 people.

Pahang Trucking Association Continues Working Closely with Government

The Pahang Trucking Association held its 26th anniversary celebration at Mexica Seafood Restaurant in Kuantan on 19th October. The event was officiated by Lee Chean Chung, Assemblyman of Semambu Constituency, and well attended by 300 people, including Sim Chon Siang, Assemblyman of Teruntum Constituency, as a VIP guest.

“Land transportation needs government support to ensure its sustainability and efficiency. We, the Pahang Trucking Association and our parent body – The Pan-Malaysia Lorry Owners’ Association 1987 (PMLOA) – act as a bridge between various government agencies such as the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ), Puspakom, Land Public Transportation Agency (APAD) and trucking operators. We serve as a platform for the exchange of information and views on the mandatory legislation and regulation of the trucking and transportation industry,” said Chairman Dato’ Ng Koong Sinn in his welcoming speech.

He pointed out that PMLOA had joined the ASEAN Trucking Federation (ATF) as a member following an invitation by the federation in 2016.

“We are proud that PMLOA is the only transportation association in Malaysia that was invited. Being an association body that represents Malaysia in cross-border transportation between Asean nations, it was indeed a significant milestone for PMLOA. This opens up the cross-border transportation service for Malaysian operators.”

Also mentioned in his speech was the Association being actively involved in various dialogues and forums with various government agencies to help resolve whatever issues and challenges that the industry faced, including the permit issue and Ad Valorem Registration Fee (AVRF) that was imposed on locally-made trailers and semi-trailer trucks, which was abolished recently.

Dato’ Ng concluded his speech by reaffirming that the Association would continue to work closely with government agencies in resolving issues that affected the trucking and logistics industry.

Among the evening’s highlights were the cake cutting and toasting ceremony, souvenir presentation to the platinum, gold and silver sponsors and a lucky draw.


彭亨罗里业主公会 庆祝创会26周年


彭亨罗里业主公会于1019日假关丹的美食家海鲜酒楼,隆重举行26周年纪念联欢晚宴。当晚的开幕贵宾是士满慕(Semambu Cibsitutuency)区州议员李健聪,共有300人出席,包括特别贵宾德伦敦区州议员沈春祥。 

陆路运输需要政府的支持,确保其可持续性和效率。我们,彭亨卡车公会和我们的母会 马来西亚罗里同业总会(PMLOA) 是各个政府部门如马来西亚陆路交通局(JPJ) 、电脑验车中心(Puspakom) 、陆路公共交通机构(APAD)及卡车同业之间的沟通桥梁。我们是一个交换有关强制性运输业法规信息和观点的平台。会长拿督黄冠燊在致辞中表示。 



他也在致辞中指出,该公会一向积极地与各个政府机构对话,协助解决该公会所面对的各种问题和挑战,包括执照问题和近日废除向本地制造的拖车和半拖车征收从价注册费(Ad Valorem Registration Fee)。 






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