Hino Total Support Contest Celebrates 6th Edition

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The TS Contest witnessed the participation of 130 contestants from 36 Hino authorised dealers.

Hino TS Contest Aims to Foster Greater Skill and Knowledge

Hino Motor Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd organised the sixth edition of its Total Support Contest (TS Contest) on 7th December, 2019. Held at the company’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya, the contest witnessed the participation of 130 contestants from 36 Hino authorised dealers. The aim was to foster greater skill and knowledge among the dealers, enhance their customer skill and improve technical expertise. 

“We have two basic features of our Total Support initiative, which are ‘Maximise Vehicle Uptime’ and ‘Minimise Vehicle Lifetime Costs’. To achieve these two Values, each person in Sales, Service, and Spare Parts plays an important role,” said Managing Director Atsushi Uchiyama. 

The theme for this year’s TS Contest, he said, was ‘Show the Spirit of United Team Hino’. In order to achieve Hino Total Support, the idea of the One-Man Show is deficient. “We need to provide Total Support to our customers with Team-play, Team-work with Team-spirit among 3S Sales, Service, and Spare parts.” 

The one-day battleground saw Hino giving out prizes for Champion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up for each category, Sales, Services, and Parts. The grand prize winner earned the title of 3S Champion and won both the Challenge Trophy and a cash incentive RM 3,000. All the champions will join a trip to Hino Motors Limited Japan later in 2020. 

Throughout the contest, all contestants were also able to develop their skills and knowledge in the main three categories, Sales, Services and Spare parts, including theoretical and practical practices. 

Under the sales category, all contestants were evaluated based on their skill in promoting and recommending the best product to match the customer’s nature of businesses. They were also examined based on their knowledge in presenting an in-depth explanation of the new Hino 700 Series AMT heavy-duty truck

Throughout the contest, contestants under the Sales Category were required to explain the concept of Hino Total Support to customers which included the maintenance contract, Free Service Programme (FSP), Free Parts Programme (FPP), Arm-Tech System, New Warranty Terms of Hino models, Selling and Closing skills for New Hino Vehicles, and the Rules and Regulations of Road Transport in Malaysia. 

Contestants under the Service Advisor category were evaluated based on their skill and knowledge of vehicle maintenance, mechanical parts solving, advance skills in Electrical Trouble Shooting by using Hino diagnosis tools explorer (DX II), advanced skills in the Programming of Fuel Injectors, System Protection Data, and Trouble Code Reading & Rectification. 

For Senior Service Technicians, contestants were required to execute a role play on reception procedures and serving the customer. The evaluation was also judged on how contestants’ skill in identifying problems faced by customers, handling complaints, recommending the right services and parts, following-up call for the next service, and advising the customer on vehicle care and maintenance. 

Meanwhile, for the Parts category, contestants were evaluated on their knowledge of identifying and comparing Hino Genuine Parts and forged parts in the market. They were also tested on their expertise in using the Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPC), which provides speed and accuracy in determining the correct parts to the right vehicle via model and chassis number.

The overall champion was Lu & Sons Engineering Sdn Bhd, followed by 1st Runner-up Jong Seng Sdn Bhd and 2nd Runner-up Soon Seng Truck & Parts Sdn Bhd.





“在我们的全方位支援倡议中有两项基本特点 ,就是‘车辆出勤率最大化’和‘车辆寿命成本最小化’。为了实现这两大价值,销售、服务及零部件部门里的每一位员工都扮演着重要的角色。”董事经理内山厚志(Atshushi Uchiyama)表示。

他说,今年日野全方位支援竞赛的主题是“表现日野的团队合作精神”(Show the Spirit of United Team Hino) 。要实现日野全方位支援,个人秀不够完善。“我们在3S(销售、服务及零部件)中需要为客户提供团队合作、团队工作及团队精神 。”



在销售组别中,所有参赛者将依据他们按客户业务性质将适配产品推销和建议给客的能力进行评估。大会也将会根据他们对全新日野700系列AMT 重卡的知识所做出的深度解释来评估他们。

此外,销售组别的参赛者则需要向客户解释日野全方位支援的概念,包括维修合约、免费服务项目(FSP )、免费零部件项目(FPP)、Arm Tech 系统、日野车款的新保修条件、新日野车辆的销售和交易技巧,以及马来西亚的陆路交通法律和规则。

服务顾问组别的参赛者的测试范围包括他们对车辆维修的技巧和知识、机械备件处理、运用日野诊断仪发掘器(DX II )进行电气故障排除的进阶技巧、喷油器程式、系统保护数据,以及读取和更正故障码的进阶技巧等。


与此同时,在零部件组别,参赛者将被测试他们分辨日野零部件真伪的能力。他们也会被测试他们采用电子零部件目录(EPC )的专长,看看他们能否透过车型和低盘号码迅速和准确地判断适当的零部件。

经过一番激战后,终于分出胜负。Lu & Sons工程私人有限公司夺下了冠军宝座,Jong Seng私人有限公司屈居总亚军,而总季军为  Soon Seng 卡车及零部件私人有限公司。 





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