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Hino Malaysia Opens New 3S Centre in Klang

The 24,000-square feet new 3S Centre houses a new office, lounge with refreshment and free Wi-Fi and 3 service bays. 

Eng Kee Commercial Upgrades to Hino 3S Centre

Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd upgraded Eng Kee Commercial Vehicles Sdn Bhd from a 1S (Sales) centre to a 3S (Sales, Services & Spare-parts) centre recently. The partnership between Eng Kee Commercial Vehicles and Hino Malaysia started in 2006. 

Located in Persiaran Raja Muda Musa/KS 01, Telok Gadong Kecil, Klang, which is within the same radius as Port Klang, the largest port in Malaysia, Eng Kee Commercial Vehicles enjoys a geographical advantage with the high volume of truck traffic. 

The 24,000-square feet facility houses a new office, lounge with refreshment and free Wi-Fi and 3 service bays. 

“We provide Malaysian customers with products optimally suited to their needs and help our valued customers make the most of their Hino trucks and buses by providing comprehensive follow-up service in the spirit of Total Support,” said Hino Malaysia Managing Director Atsushi Uchiyama. 

He stressed that Hino’s unique ‘Total Support’ concept emphasised on caring for the customers’ business with the aim to meet their needs and contribute to their success throughout the lifetime of their products. 

In tandem with the Total Support value that emphasises the ‘equal fortitude’ of after-sales value, Hino Malaysia introduced a new warranty for its light-duty truck, Hino 300 Series. The new warranty sees an extension from the previous 3 years and 100,000km span to 5 years and 200,000km including train power. 

Leveraging on its ‘empire’ for more than 40 years in the country, Hino Malaysia says it continues to ‘master its performance’ in sales and after-sales services through various customer engagement programmes to give the ‘absolute experience of sales, service, and spare-parts’.




日野汽车销售(马来西亚)私人现有公司近日将原本为1S(销售)的 Eng Kee商用车私人有限公司 升级为3S(销售、服务及备件)中心。该公司与马来西亚日野的关系始于2006年。

这家新的3S中心位于巴生Telok Gadong Kecil的Persiaran Raja Muda Musa/ KS01 ,邻近巴生马来西亚最大的港口,也就是巴生港口,使Eng Kee 商用车公司因此享有地理位置优势,拥有高交通流量。

在面积为24,000 平方米的新3S中心里,设有办事处,提供免费茶点和互联网的休息室,以及3个装配车间。

“我们为马来西亚的客户提供最适合他们的产品,协助他们充分利用他们的日野卡车和巴士,以全方位支援的精神提供完善的跟进服务。”马来西亚日野董事经理内山厚志(Atsushi Uchiyama)表示。


配合该公司所秉持的‘平等’售后服务全方位支援,马来西亚日野推出了一个全新的日野300系列轻卡保修规定。从过去的3年和100,000 公里,延长到5年和200,000 公里,包括动力传动。







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