Digi’s iFleet Helps Businesses Increase Fleet Efficiency

Digi-X & iFleet

iFleet was conceptualised to provide the customer with peace of mind, while allowing them to have full control over their fleets  without hassle.

iFleet Offers Two Plans - iFleet Lite & iFleet Plus

Launched in 2017, iFleet is an all-in-one B2B fleet management solution that is targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), helping them to meet their long-term business growth and operational needs through access to key data insights.

“We offer a complete suite of business solutions for fleet operations, including iFleet GPS Trackers, iFleet Wi-Fi and iFleet Video,” said Digi-X Head of Business Development Shaun Ooi.

iFleet GPS Trackers, he explained, gives the operator the full view of his/her fleet’s daily operation, monitoring driver habits and behaviour, reducing engine idling, and assist in identifying the best routes for better planning. Increased fleet visibility not only would help the operator reduce expenses, he continued, but also uncover hidden costs, increase productivity and monitor vehicle maintenance.

“In short, it tracks, protects and optimises the utilisation of your assets in real time. To get a full view of your fleet management, operators simply need to log in through iFleet’s web portal to access these comprehensive details. The dedicated iFleet allows fleet managers to view the live location of their fleet from the app or dashboard whenever they want.”

As for iFleet Wi-Fi, he said, this would turn the commercial vehicle, such as a coach or van, into a hotspot that could support up to 50 devices – even on the move. In today’s digital world, being on the road should not mean being bored or out of touch. He stressed that an express bus company would be one step ahead of its competitors by providing free Wi-Fi to the passengers, so that the passenger could make the most out of their journey, remain connected with their loved ones or business associates, as well as streaming online entertainment.

With iFleet Video, users can monitor their vehicles for fraud detection and safety concerns. “Our in-vehicle cameras could watch their vehicles live, either from the drivers’ perspective or cargo-facing perspective to keep watch on precious cargo.”

Managed by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd’s venture building arm, Digi-X, iFleet is powered by Malaysia’s largest network, Digi. This not only ensures the best in class connectivity, but also the best in the market borderless internet roaming options.

“We were one of the first providers in Malaysia to provide an end-to-end fleet management solution that can take care of hardware, software, and connectivity at one go,” he added.

As to why they are targeting SMEs, Ooi replied that as an SME, every penny counts. Many still think that fleet management solutions are very expensive and only for the big guys. Some of them bought the tracking devices and are trying to manage on their own, but many have failed as these are not ‘plug-and-play’ systems. Setting up a fleet management department and hiring someone to look after the department is also not cost-effective.

“We are aware that many of them would like to digitalise, but do not know how to do it. We would like to help them to understand how digitalisation could impact their business externally and internally. With iFleet, they could run their fleets more efficiently through access to key data, making data-driven decisions that would ultimately improve their bottom line. It is important that SMEs do not look at it as a cost but an investment.”

A Modular Solution with Extension

According to Ooi, iFleet is part of a suite of solutions by Digi that are designed to cater to the customers’ needs according to the nature of their business, interests and benefits in order to optimise the company’s operations in the long run.

“We could configure the best solution for customers. Thus, we are not just their fleet management solution provider, but a partner that could support their growth.”

Ooi adds that iFleet was conceptualised to provide the customer with peace of mind, while allowing them to have full control over their fleets and manage them without the hassle. “It is simple and user-friendly with the widest possible connectivity. One could start using the system with an affordable monthly subscription fee. Digi works with customers to plan a worry-free onsite installation, as well as provide on-ground technical support and maintenance nationwide. Onboarding training programmes and a comprehensive user guide are readily available for iFleet subscribers and their employees.”

Also available is a reliable 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Service and accident reconstruction report. According to Ooi, iFleet is linked with MERS 999 (Malaysia Emergency Response Services 999) to recover the stolen vehicles in such cases. In the event of accidents, iFleet geo-mapping uses up to 19 satellites to reconstruct accidents accurately and provide a full accident report after the impact. 

Currently, there are two iFleet plans – Lite plan for tracking vehicles on a web dashboard, and Plus plan with additional driving behaviour and accident reconstruction features. “Why iFleet and why us? I would say investing in a right partner is important. To continue our constant effort in improving iFleet features, user experience and services, we take customers’ feedback seriously. Every three months, we would update our customers regarding the new features or changes that we made to the system. In addition, for new subscribers we would ensure that iFleet is implemented smoothly. So, the question is not whether you can afford a fleet management solution and a good partner, but whether you can afford not having a reliable solution and a good partner.”

On subscriber growth, Ooi said the company has received positive response from the market. The most receptive segments include service-oriented industries, vehicle rental companies, bus services and logistics operations.


Digi iFleet 协助商家提高车队效率



“我们提供完整的业务解决方案配套,包括iFleet GPS Trackers、iFleet Wi-Fi和iFleet Video。”Digi-X业务发展部主管王君鸿表示。

他解释说,iFleet GPS Trackers 让营运者看到他们车队的运作全貌,监督司机驾驶习惯及行为,降低引擎空转,协助确定最佳路线,带来更好的规划。他续说,提高车队的可见度,不但能够帮助营运者降低开支,还能找出隐藏成本,提高生产力和监督车辆的维修。


他说,即使是在行驶中,iFleet Wi-Fi能将商用车辆如长途巴士或货车转变成能够支持高达50个装置器的上网热点。在今天的数字世界里,旅途中的我们不应觉得闷或失去联系。他强调说,为乘客提供免费的无线上网(Wi-Fi)服务,使他们能够充分利用旅途时间,与所爱的人或生意伙伴保持联系,并享受在线娱乐,能让一家长途巴士公司优于其他竞争者。

有了iFleet Video, 用户就能够监督车辆,检测欺诈和安全问题。“我们的车载摄像头能够以司机视角或以面向货物角度来观察车辆实况,并且监督宝贵货物。”

iFleet由数码网络电讯有限公司(Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd)的创新臂膀Digi X负责管理,采用马来西亚规模最大的Digi电信网络。这不仅确保同级中最佳的连接性,还有市场上最广泛,也是最佳的互联网漫游选项。



“我们注意到有许多中小企业想要数字化,但却不知道如何进行。我们希望能够帮助他们了解数字化如何在内部和外部影响业务 。有了iFleet,他们能够依据所取得的主要数据做出最终能够改善他们利润的决策。





此外,还有可靠的24/7车辆寻回服务和车祸重建报告。据王君鸿说,iFleet将与MERS 999(马来西亚紧急回应服务专线999)联手,一起寻回你的车子。万一发生交通事故,iFleet的geo-mapping将采用19个卫星准确地重建事故,提供完整的交通碰撞报告。

目前,共有两种iFleet配套 - Lite计划和Plus计划。前者可透过网络控制面板来追踪车辆,后者则添加了司机行为和车祸重建功能。“为什么采用iFleet和为什么选择我们?我会说投资于正确的伙伴很重要。为了不断努力地改善iFleet的功能,用户经验及服务,我们很认真看待客户的反馈。每三个月,我们会通知客户有关iFleet的新功能和我们在系统上所做的更改。此外,对于新的订户,我们会确保iFleet能够顺畅地实行。所以,问题不是你能不能负担得起一个车队管理解决方案和良好的伙伴,而是你能不能承担没有一个可靠解决方案和良好伙伴的后果。”







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