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Nam Spare Parts Trading – the Truck Parts Specialist

Nam Spare Parts Trading

Nam Spare Parts Trading Sdn Bhd has a huge inventory of more than 30,000 new and used truck parts. 

Nam Spare Parts Trading Serving the Industry with Huge Inventory

The trucking industry remains dynamic, despite the challenge of change in the business environment. The constant demand from consumers has been keeping trucking vital to the economy.

The trucking industry is not only complex, but also very demanding. Fleet operators depend on qualified drivers and reliable vehicles, as well as the availability of spare parts to keep moving. The transportation industry never stops, says Nam Spare Parts Trading Sdn Bhd, who have been serving the industry since the company’s inception in 1991 as Nam Trading.

“With nearly 30 years of experience, we know how important it is for fleet operators to keep their trucks on the road, making sure that they have the right parts at a reasonable price as soon as possible. With a huge inventory of more than 30,000 new and used truck parts, we have the parts that the operator is looking for in most cases,” said founder Ng Chin Chim……

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南备件贸易 – 卡车备件专家



“在这一行拥有近30年经验的我们知道对车队营运商而言,卡车的出勤率有多么重要,因此我们必须确保他们能够在最短的时间里拥有价格合理的适宜备件。我们库存超过30,000种全新和二手卡车备件,因此很多时候都能够找到营运商所需要的备件。”创办人Ng Chin Chim表示……


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