Hap Seng Trucks Deliver Five Actros to Nova Logistics

Hap Seng Trucks Sdn Bhd

Hap Seng Trucks Sdn Bhd delivered 5 new Mercedes-Benz Actros to their new customer Nova Logistics Sdn Bhd recently.

Nova Logistics Invest in Mercedes-Benz Actros 

The handover was held at the company’s new 3S centre located at Bandar Sultan Sulaiman, Port Klang, which was opened early this year. 

Derrick Sim, Head of Sales and Operations of Hap Seng Trucks thanked Nova Logistics for their support. He said, it is Hap Seng Trucks' commitment to serve their customers with the best quality products and services, ensuring a great customer experience. This, he stressed is well reflected in their continued investment in more new outlets and facilities, which allow them to be quick and always ready to offer full support to their customers......

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合成卡车销售及营运主管Derrick Sim谢谢Nova 物流对他们的支持。他说,合成卡车立志为客户提供最佳的产品品质和服务,确保良好的客户经验。他强调,这反映在他们持续投资于新的门店和设施上,让公司能做好准备,随时且快速地为客户提供完整的支持。


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