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SAF-Holland Wins DAF Top Supplier Award

SAF-Holland DAF Top Supplier Award

SAF-Holland is the only manufacturer in Europe to be honoured with DAF Top Supplier Award for its high-quality fifth wheels.

PACCAR Recognises SAF-Holland’s Product Quality

SAF-Holland is the only manufacturer of fifth wheels in Europe to have received the DAF award for being a top supplier. The truck manufacturer presented this award in recognition of the high quality of the components from the commercial vehicle supplier’s plant in Singen, Baden-Württemberg.

Every year, US truck manufacturer PACCAR, of which DAF is a wholly-owned subsidiary, presents awards to suppliers who meet or exceed its strict ‘10 PPM’ quality standard. ‘10 PPM’ means that a maximum of ten parts per one million components supplied to PACCAR might be defective. Suppliers must also meet stringent requirements to get the award, including delivery performance and customer service.

“Our innovative Holland fifth wheels are available ex works from all the leading truck brands, including DAF. This award underscores the partnership that we have built up in recent years and provides further incentive for us to continue to deliver top performance with our Holland fifth wheels in the future,” says Dr Rainer-Rudolf Gärtner, Head of Truck Business Europe at SAF-Holland in Singen. In 2018, PACCAR recognised 337 suppliers in 26 countries from four continents for attaining the required high level of quality performance. SAF-Holland is the only manufacturer in Europe to be honoured with an award for its high-quality fifth wheels.


赛夫华兰德(SAF-Holland)是唯一一家荣获达夫(DAF)最佳供应商奖的五轮制造商。达夫卡车制造商将此奖颁发给赛夫华兰德是为了认可该公司在巴登-符滕堡(Baden- Württemberg)的辛根(Singen)工厂所生产的高品质零部件。


“我们创新的荷兰五轮出自所有领先的卡车品牌工厂,包括达夫。这个奖项强调了这些年来我们所建立起来的合作伙伴关系,为我们的荷兰五轮在未来的最佳表现提供了动力。”位于辛根的赛夫华兰德欧洲卡车业务主管加德纳博士(Dr Rainer-Rudolf Gärtner)表示。2018年,PACCAR认可了来自4大洲26个国家的337家供应商,表扬他们保持了该公司所要求的最高品质表现。赛夫华德兰是欧洲唯一一家获得此殊荣的五轮制造商。

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