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Iveco Launches Daily Limited Edition at IAA 2018

Iveco Daily Limited Edition IAA

The Daily Limited Edition, which consists of 500 Daily with a specially designed personalisation, celebrates the vehicle’s long history of success, pushing the boundaries of innovation while integrating the evolving requirements of customers to become today’s champion of sustainability.

The New Daily Limited Edition

Iveco presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 a Limited Edition of the new Daily to celebrate its 40th anniversary and the title of Van of the Year 2018 – the latest in the Daily’s impressive collection of international awards.

The Daily Limited Edition consists of 500 Daily customised with a personalisation especially designed to commemorate these important milestones. It features an exclusive dashboard design based on drawings of the three Daily generations that have made history, together with personalised badges and stickers that reprise the theme.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “Ever since it was launched in 1978, the Daily has always been a product family that looks to the future. It has always known how to foresee the way our customers’ needs would evolve and is today spearheading the industry’s tradition to sustainable transport. That is why we have chosen to celebrate this important milestone in its history with a Limited Edition based on the Daily Blue Power, the sustainable family that anticipates the future with the most advanced diesel and alternative traction technologies.”

When it was launched in 1978, the Daily revolutionised light commercial transport with its truck-derived chassis with rear traction and independent front suspension, which give it its unique versatility, reliability and efficiency. Since then, the Daily has constantly evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of customers, always remaining true to its DNA. It has led the way with its efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, as these demands have become increasingly critical to the transport sector. To this day, it is said to be ahead of the industry in sustainability with the unique concept of the Daily Blue Power: a vehicle family that frees transport operators from the constraints of the strictest environmental regulations and was awarded the title of ‘International Van of the Year 2018’.

Throughout its long history, it has met with commercial success and collected numerous awards across the world. The more than 3 million Daily vehicles, manufactured in 3 continents, which are on the roads in 110 countries are seen as a testament to this family’s popularity and exceptional capacity for adapting to meet the specific needs of their customers across the world.


依维柯(Iveco)在2018年汉诺威商用车展(IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018)上推出限量版全新Daily车型,以此庆祝Daily诞生40周年和Daily 在重要的国际奖项中斩获最新一枚奖项— 2018年度商用车奖。


依维柯品牌总裁拉于特(Pierre Lahutte)表示:“Daily自1978年诞生以来,始终着眼未来,为满足客户不断变化的需求而创新。如今Daily Blue Power的推出又引领商用车行业向可持续运输转型,这就是我们选择以限量版Daily纪念这一重要时刻的原因。Daily Blue Power作为可持续运输家族的一员,预示着未来将是最先进的柴油和可替代循环科技的市场。”

Daily于1978年首次发布,它的诞生彻底改变了轻型商用车市场。由于采用了后驱和前独立悬架的改进型底盘,Daily的多功能性、可靠性和燃油效率大幅提升。从那时起,Daily始终坚持其独有的DNA,它以其高效和环保的技术引领行业的发展。而这些要求对于运输领域来说,愈发重要。到目前为止,其新能源车型Daily Blue Power凭借其独特的理念,在可持续发展方面占据行业领先地位。Daily Blue Power使得运输经营者摆脱了最严格的环境法规的限制,并被授予“2018年度国际商用车” 称号。


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