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Hengst Blue.maxx: The Intelligent Fuel Filter Concept

The differences in fuel quality around the world necessitate efficient cleaning and that’s why Hengst developed Blue.maxx.

Hengst Asia Pacific Showcases its Blue.maxx Fuel Filter at MCVE  

Hengst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a regular exhibitor at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo, showcased its Blue.maxx fuel filter this year.

Blue.maxx has already been in the local market for 1 year and we have received good response,” said Sales Director Frank Märgner.

Modern diesel engines put high requirements on the purity of diesel fuel. The differences in fuel quality around the world necessitate efficient cleaning with modern fuel filtration concepts and that’s why Hengst developed Blue.maxx.

Märgner described Blue.maxx as an innovative fuel filtration system, in which the pre-filter and main filter of Blue.maxx were no longer considered separately. Instead, they formed a well-coordinated overall system that combined single components on the basis of customer requirements.

Setting new standards for water separation and fuel filtration, he pointed out that Blue.maxx was Euro 6 compliant with state-of-the-art technology, offering the highest dust-holding capacity and diesel-flow per hour in its class. It was low in weight, due to consistent lightweight design, and the optimisation of the installation space provided maximum performance. Up to five filtration stages achieved significantly better performance with respect to particle filtration, water separation and differential pressure combined with an optimal filter life, while also reducing the space needed for installation.

“We have extended our 1 year warranty for Blue.maxx to 3 years on its housing and hand pump, which shows our confidence in this product,” he added.


汉格斯特Blue. Maxx — 智能滤油概念


马来西亚商用车展的定期参展商汉格斯特亚太私人有限公司,在今年的展会中展示其Blue. Maxx 燃油滤清器。

“Blue. Maxx 在本地市场推出已经1年了,市场的反应相当好。”销售董事玛格纳(Frank Märgner)表示。

现代化柴油引擎对柴油纯度的要求很高。由于全球的燃油品质各有不同,因此需要能够有效洁净燃油的过滤器,而这正是汉格斯特研发Blue. Maxx的原因。

玛格纳形容Blue. Maxx是一个创新的燃油滤清系统,不再将预滤清器和主滤清器个别分开,而是组合在一起。该公司在客户的要求下,将它们组合成为一个协调良好的整体系统 。

他指出,Blue. Maxx为水分离和燃油过滤系统设立新标杆。符合欧6标准的它采用尖端科技制成,在同级产品中提供最高的容尘量和每小时的柴油流量。通过统一的轻量结构和对结构空间的优化实现轻量特性,同时确保最大的性能。它的5个过滤阶段能更有效地过滤颗粒和分离水。它拥有不同的压力,具有优化的滤清器使用寿命,而且还减少了安装的空间。

“我们将Blue. Maxx的外壳和手动泵的保修期从原来的1年延长至3年, 这显示了我们对该产品的信心。”他补充。

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