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Aone Logistics’ Inaugural Purchase of 15 Scania Vehicles

Aone purchased a total of 15 Scania G-Series trucks – nine G360LA4x2MNA, five G410LA6x2MSZ and one G460LA6x2MSZ.

Aone Logistics -Scania’s First Time Customers

Scania Malaysia handed over new Scania prime movers to first time customer Aone Logistics Sdn. Bhd, which recently acquired additional units to facilitate the expansion of its trucking and haulage requirements.  

Held at the Scania Malaysia headquarters in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, the keys were presented by Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director Marie Sjödin Enström to Aone Managing Director, S. Palani. 

Palani cited performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety of the vehicles, along with excellent after sales service as some of the reasons why Scania was the ideal choice for its business operations and total operating economy.

 “As a logistics company, it is crucial that we provide good end-to-end service with minimal downtime to our customers and I believe Scania can help to ensure that we do so with the attractive total solutions package it offers, as well as its systematic way of managing fleets,” said S. Palani. 

Aone purchased a total of 15 Scania G-Series trucks – nine G360LA4x2MNA, five G410LA6x2MSZ and one G460LA6x2MSZ – all of which offer powerful performance and increased fuel savings that can help attain the best profitability during long-haul operations, making them suitable for the company’s services. 

The acquisition was made on hire purchase terms facilitated by Scania’s financial services provider – Scania Credit Malaysia – that is focused on giving its customers tailored and sustainable financial packages that best suit their business needs. 

The trucks will also be insured by Scania Credit Malaysia, which offers Scania customers peace of mind with benefits that minimise financial loss and handling of damages while optimising uptime including an accelerated claims process, special waiver on loading rate of up to five years and excess rate for vehicles sent to Scania workshops. 

Aone’s purchase comes with the standard package of two-year free Scania Maintenance; two-year free 24/7 Scania Assistance and a ten-year free Control 10 Fleet Management System (FMS) that digitally enables them to monitor the performance of its drivers as frequent as every ten minutes via real time updates. 

To ensure smooth productive deliveries, Aone also signed a seven-year Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Contract, as well as Scania Fleet Care, covering scheduled maintenance of the vehicles and breakdown assistance.  

“For Scania, today’s handover is a reflection of the Company’s on-going commitment to the quality, safety and performance of our vehicles and we are indeed very happy that Aone Logistics has placed their trust in Scania for the best profitability and sustainability of their business,” said Marie.


Aone 物流首次购买15辆斯堪尼亚车辆



该交车仪式在马来西亚斯堪尼亚位于沙亚南的Bukit Jelutong总部举行,斯堪尼亚董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström)将模拟钥匙移交给Aone物流董事经理巴拉尼(S.Palani)。



Aone总共购买了15辆斯堪尼亚G系列卡车—9 G360LA4X2 MNA5G410LA6X2MSZ,以及1G460LA6X2MSZ。它们全部都能提供强大的性能,更节油,并能在长途运输中提供最佳的利润,使它们适用于公司的服务。

该公司采用马来西亚斯堪尼亚信贷(Scania Credit Malaysia)所提供的融资服务,该公司主要为其客户特别量身打造最适合他们业务需求的融资配套。

斯堪尼亚信贷的保险服务,为斯堪尼亚客户处理卡车损坏的问题,降低财务损失,并且提高出勤率,包括加速索赔过程、豁免最高达5年的保险加载额(loading 和索偿自负额(excess), 只限送到斯堪尼亚修车厂维修的卡车。


为确保顺畅且具生产力的运送,Aone 签署了一个7年,覆盖车辆定期养护和故障援助的修理及养护(R&M)和斯堪尼亚车队养护合约。

“对斯堪尼亚来说,今天的移交是该公司对车辆品质、安全性及性能的持续承诺,我们非常开心Aone 物流相信斯堪尼亚能够提供最佳的利润和业务可持续性。”







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