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Chengdu Bus Company Exhibits at CAPAS 2018

Chengdu Bus Company CAPAS 2018

Chengdu Bus Co, Ltd, the manufacturer of Shudu bus, showcased its complete range of new energy vehicles at the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermaket Services (CAPAS) 2018.

Chengdu Bus Company At CAPAS 2018

Based in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, the company has more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in different types of buses. From its booth, one could see a display of different types of energy powered bus and coach; from fuel cell, plug-in hybrid, hybrid city to electric, with vehicle length from 4.5 to 18 metres.

“We have a complete range of new energy products that suit different applications, from public and student transport, logistics to sightseeing. Our products cover more than 20 provinces in China and are exported to Pakistan, South America and Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Laos. We are currently in negotiation with Malaysian and India companies,” said Dai En Zheng, New Energy Department Officer & Engineer of Chengdu Bus Co, Ltd.

Among the display was the CDK 6900 CEFCEV, a 9-metre fuel cell bus that was jointly developed with Dongfang Electric, which has a consumption of 3.8kg of hydrogen per 100km. According to Dai, it has a maximum speed of 69km/h and could cover more than 500km. The hydrogen refuel time is about 10 to 20 minutes.

“Compared to the traditional diesel bus, we could reduce about 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) and lower the particulate matter emissions by 20 tonnes. Currently, a small number of these buses are in operation.”

Also on display was the first all-aluminium body new electric bus that the company and CHINALCO Southwest Aluminium Group developed – the CDK6850CBEV3. Released in February this year, this 8-metre bus could carry up to 69 passengers and was more than 10 per cent lighter than the conventional bus.

“It requires less energy with a reduced consumption of 5 to 6 per cent energy per 100km and lowers the CO2 emission by 4 per cent,” Dai added.

When asked about the utility of new energy in China, Dai revealed that the increasing share of new energy in China had become a clear trend. “A few years back, city buses running on natural gas accounted for about 60 to 70 per cent of China’s urban fleet, with the remaining 30 per cent being powered by electricity. Three years ago, the number of electric bus on the road increased tremendously, with 60 per cent of them being electrified, and this trend is maintained till now. We believe that the electric bus trend would continue to grow with support from the government.”

成都客车公司亮相CAPAS 2018


这家位于中国四川省成都市的公司,有着60余年的专业客车制造历史。观众可从他们的展位上看到覆盖车长4.5 – 18米,从插电式混合动力、纯电动、燃料电池等多种能源形式的全系列新能源客车产品 。

“我们拥有适合各种用途如公共运输、运载学生、物流及旅游的全系列新能源客车。我们的产品覆盖中国20多个省市,并出口到巴基斯坦和南非,以及东南亚如越南和老挝。目前,我们正在与马来西亚和印度的公司洽商。” 成都客车股份有限公司技术开发部新能源室主任兼工程师戴恩政表示。

CDK6900 CEFCEV,一辆9米长的燃料电池电动卡车也是成都客车公司的展出产品之一。这款他们与东风电气联合研发的客车,每100公里消耗3.8公斤的氢燃料。据他指出,它的最高时速为69公里,续航里程可达500多公里。氢燃料的加注时间为10-20分钟。


此外,该公司还展出了他们与联合中国铝业研制的首款全铝合金车身电动客车 – CDK6850CBEV3 。这款今年2月首推的8米长客车,相比传统车身轻了10%以上,能够运载69名乘客。


询及中国新能源的使用情况,戴恩政透露说,目前中国新能源的使用量正不断地增长已经是不争的事实。“好几年前,天然气城市客车占了中国城市车队的60至70%,其余的30%是电动客车。 3年前,电动客车的数量迅速提高至60% ,然后一直维持到现在。我们相信在中国政府的支持下,电动客车将持续它的增长趋势。”

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