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Treeletrik to Launch First Electric Light Truck in Malaysia

Treeletrik Electric Light Truck Malaysia

Treeletrik Sdn Bhd plans to introduce the first electric light truck in Malaysia, which would help business operators save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.   

Treeletrik Set to Debut Malaysia’s First Electric Light Truck

The company, which launched a range of electric motorcycles or e-bikes nearly two years ago, aims to sell its Treeletrik T-MV7 all-electric CUV (compact utility vehicle) in the second quarter of 2018.

“We are going for the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) process now with the Road Transport Department (JPJ). We would also appoint sales dealers,” said Treeletrik CEO Michael Yap.

The T-MV7 is a half-tonne light truck and would be offered in two variants: the Lead Acid Battery variant with a 72V/120Ah maintenance-free battery. This has a maximum travel range of 80km and top speed is 75km/h. Normal charging requires 6 hours. The battery has a life span of 45,000km and its replacement cost is RM3,000. The chassis would cost about RM65,000.

The Lithium Battery variant with a 72V/200Ah battery has a maximum travel range of 180km and top speed is 80km/h. Normal charging requires 3 to 4 hours (1 to 2 hours with special fast charger – needs 3-phase). The battery has a life span of 100,000km. The chassis would cost about RM90,000.

While the body would have a two-year warranty, the battery would most likely get a 6 to 12-month warranty. The Treeletrik T-MV7 weighs only 558kg (without batteries) and has a payload capacity of 615kg. It has a powerful 10,000W electric motor.

According to Yap, the T-MV7’s power cost is only 3 sen per km (based on 28 sen per kW/h electricity tariff). The Treeletrik T-MV7 would need very minimal maintenance. “Only need to change wear and tear parts like brakes and service the electric air-conditioning system. Using French design and technology, it is manufactured in China with components sourced from various countries.

“It would be locally assembled. Road tax is only RM10 per year. Drivers need a D driving licence.GDL may also be required but we await the JPJ’s ruling on this matter. The transmission is automatic and is very easy to drive,” said Yap.

The cargo/body would be available in 4 options – box, cold room, flat bed, wooden or steel railing.

“It is very suitable for food trucks, night market traders, farming, gardening, utilities, logistics and courier firms. So far, the response from our approaches to various businesses and associations has been very positive,” said Yap.

Treeletrik 私人有限公司计划在马来西亚推介第一辆电动轻卡,协助业者节省燃油和车辆养护成本。


“我们正在向马来西亚陆路交通局(JPJ)申请汽车类型批准(VAT)。我们将委任销售代理。”Treeletrik首席执行员Michael Yap表示。

T-MV7 是辆半吨卡车,并将推出两个版本:铅电池版,采用72V/120Ah免维护电池。它最大行程范围是80 公里,最高速度为75km/h。一般充电需6小时。电池寿命为45,000公里,电池替换成本是3,000 令吉。底盘大约65,000令吉。

锂电池版的采用72V/200 Ah电池,最大行程范围为180公里,最高的速度为80 km/h。一般充电需时3至4小时(1至2小时特快充电-需要3个阶段)。电池的寿命高达100,000公里。底盘大约90,000令吉。

车身有两年的保证,电池则有6至12个月的保证。Treeletrik T-MV7的重量仅558公斤(无电池),载荷为615公斤。它配备一个大动力的10,000W电动引擎。

据Michael Yap表示,T-MV7的电力成本每公里仅3仙(基于每KW/h 28仙的电费)。Treeletrik T-MV7 的维护成本非常小。“只需要更换耗损的部件如制动片和电动空调系统维修。它在中国制造,采用法国设计和技术,以及来自各国的零部件。


它共有4种车身选择— 箱式、冷藏、平板、木制及钢栏杆式。



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