Nippon Paint Gives Lie Familia Food Truck a Makeover

Nippon Paint Malaysia
Nippon Paint Malaysia took two weeks to give the Lie Familia food truck a new look and this was showcased to visitors at the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017.

“Apart from having a booth in the exhibition, we were also looking at some innovative ways to showcase our products. When the organiser told us that they were hiring a food truck as a catering solution at the exhibition, the idea of helping the food truck owner make over the truck came up,” said Senior Manager, Marketing, Eugene Yong.

It was a second-hand 20-year-old truck. The company sponsored the paint and worked closely with Continental Top workshop. This allowed show visitors to look at how the Nippon paint system stood out on the food truck. The feedback, he said, was extremely good.

“The food truck operators helped us to pass the survey forms to the visitors and those who filled them got a special meal sponsored by us. We also did a special truck painting promotion during the exhibition, offering various packages for different types of truck and body.”

According to Yong, the Nippon Ultima system was specially designed for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles. The main features included easy spray and polish, excellent gloss and colour retention, long lasting and durable quality. The entire system covered Ultima U-750 Epoxy Primer for the undercoat, Ultima U-770 for premier surface application , Nax Premila 7000 2K Solid System and Nax Premila 8000 Base Coat for top coat application and Ultima 8600 High Solid 2:1 for the top coat clear.



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