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Isuzu Unveils New FVR Euro 5 Smoother AMT Truck 五十铃推出全新FVR欧五自手排卡车 tre engine that generates 240PS and 706Nm of torque to to drive the rear wheels (4x2) Notably Isuzu says that all its engines are B20 biodiesel compatible With a a a a a a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 19 tonnes this model features a a a a a a a a a a a front axle axle capacity of of 7 500kg and rear axle axle capac- ity ity ity of of 13 000kg that ‘significantly contrib- ute to superior carrying capacity’ for bulk deliveries With the the the Isuzu Smoother AMT the the the effi- ciency of driving is is is is said to to be markedly enhanced This transmission is is is is automat- ically controlled by by electronic computers and supported by by a a a a a a torque converter hy- draulics system that operates the clutch and throttle to match revs for optimal gear gear changes The result is is smooth gear gear shifting and consistent torque delivery especially in in in in a a a a a frequent stop-start driving environment leading to to higher levels of efficiency Focusing strongly on on safety both the the FVR Euro Euro 5 Smoother AMT and ELF Euro Euro 4 series are equipped with the the Isuzu Safety Plus platform that offers a a a a a a a a a a a compre- hensive array o of active and passive safe- ty features For FVR Smoother it it comes with Anti-lock Braking System System (ABS) Supplemental Restraint System System (SRS) Airbag for the driver and a a a a a a a a Hill Start Aid function to prevent roll-back when restart- ing from a a standstill Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd Chief Chief Executive Officer Officer Shunsuke Okazoe (left) and Chief Chief Operating Officer Officer (Commercial Vehicle Division) Masashi Nuijima Isuzu Isuzu Malaysia recently introduced the the the lat- est addition to its truck line up the the the medi- um-duty Isuzu Isuzu FVR FVR Smoother (FVR34UU- SDN) that features a a a a a a a 4x2 drivetrain and and Euro 5 emission standard with six-speed AMT (automated manual transmission) This launch is is said to to to mark a a a a a a key mile- stone in in Isuzu’s commitment to to to advanc- ing emission standards technology for environmental protection and and sustain- ability as as well as as boosting overall perfor- mance and efficiency The new truck is also the the latest to join the the full range of Isuzu vehicles from light-duty to to to prime mover that are equipped with Isu- zu’s Smoother AMT to to to to offer customers the the choice o of automated manual transmission technology in the medium-duty range Apart from the the the FVR Euro 5 Smoother AMT Isuzu also shared that the the the best-selling Elf 6 truck & bus news 2024/2 light-duty series would now offer the Euro 4 emission standard truck range to to customers The new FVR Smoother is powered by a 6HK1-TCN six-cylinder inline 7 8-li- 

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