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Shaanxi Trucks Revs Up Malaysia’s Market with Enhanced Shacman X Series陕陕陕陕陕陕陕陕陕陕陕 陕西卡车以增强型陕汽X系列 加速大马市场发展 Kau Chez Ching Area Manager Shaanxi Trucks Sdn Bhd The Shacman brand of trucks is be- coming increasingly prevalent in in in in the country In Malaysia Shaanxi Trucks offers a a a a a a a range o of five truck models: the the 4x2 boasting 400hp the the the 6x2 6x2 and and 6x4 6x4 with 460hp as as as well as as as the the 6x2 6x2 and and 6x4 6x4 mod- els with optional engines delivering 550hp According to Area Manager Kau Chez Ching at Shaanxi Trucks Sdn Bhd the the distributor of Shacman trucks trucks these trucks trucks come standard with with Anti-lock Braking Braking System System (ABS) with with the option to to upgrade to to Electric Braking Braking System System (EBS) They are imported as complete build-up units (CBU) Notably in antici- 12 truck & bus news 2024/2 pation of the the Euro V emission standards set to be implemented in 2025 these ve- hicles are already compliant with Euro V regulations Earlier this year Shaanxi Trucks intro- duced notable enhancements One ma- jor improvement is is the Gen II AMT (Auto- mated Manual Transmission) that offers a a a a a a a a a a boosted torque range from 2400Nm to to 2600Nm While manual transmission re- mains available as as an an an alternative the X Series now offers hydraulic retarders as as an option Approximately 50 units of the the X Series were already sold What sets these ve- hicles apart according to the the the compa- ny is the the tailored adaptation of spec- ifications to fit local market demands Specifically driveline combinations are replaced with configurations better suited to the country's requirements Overall Shaanxi Trucks says it it noted a a a a a a a a a growing demand from Malaysian cus- tomers for higher specifications and and responded accordingly by offering a a a a a truck that is fine-tuned to meet these specific needs 

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