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Angka-Tan Motor Hands Over 40 Foton Auman Prime Movers to to to A A M M M S Maju Transport
Angka-Tan Motor向 A A M M M S Maju Transport交付40辆 福田欧曼牵引车
leled support as as well as as excellent service’ provided by its sales advisor "Our initial purchase of three EST Manual models proved the strength and and reliabili- ty of Foton The decision to to expand our fleet with the premium AMT model was a a a a a a natural progression The Foton Auman EST provides our drivers with a a a a a a a comfort- able driving experience akin to to Continen- tal trucks Angka-Tan Motor's excellent service has alleviated all all all our trucking concerns allowing us us us to to focus on on on busi- ness expansion and growth "
said Dato M M M Sithambaram Director AMS Maju Transport
Meanwhile Michael Chew Yoke Tong Chief of Business Unit Angka-Tan Mo- tor said: "The Foton Auman EST em-
Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd Bhd a a a a a a a a sub- sidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd recently handed over over 40 Fo- ton Auman EST prime movers to to A A A A M M S S S Maju Transport
Sdn Bhd A A A special guest at the handover ceremony was Tan Keng Meng CEO Warisan TC Holdings Bhd A M M S Maju Transport
is is known for its ex- pertise in in in transporting concrete piles and quarry materials across Peninsular Ma- laysia Since its inception the company has exclusively utilised second-hand and and reconditioned trucks To align with JPJ compliance regulations regarding the the total weight of moving trucks on on the the road AMS Maju Transport
embarked on on expanding its fleet to to meet growing delivery demands According to to to the the company the the decision to to to choose Fo- ton Auman EST prime movers was driven by several key factors These include exceptional fuel consump- tion tion of the Foton Auman EST which was validated through extensive testing and experience spanning over a a a a a a year mini-
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mal mal maintenance requirements for for AMT models ensuring optimal performance and and and adaptability for for less experienced drivers and and and strong and and and extensive service network provided by Foton's distributor Angka-Tan Motor that offers a a a a a a a compre- hensive trucking solution and ‘unparal-
bodies technological advancements in in heavy-duty prime movers offering ex- ceptional value to AMS Maju Transport
In an an an an era where technology is reshaping the the transportation industry the the Auman EST stands out with its intelligent fea- tures fuel efficiency safety and and reliability 

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