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TCIE Delivers Eight New New UD trucks to New New KC Trading TCIE向New KC Trading交付八辆新UD卡车 Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE) the sole distribu- tor of UD UD Trucks Malaysia recently handed over eight new UD UD trucks to to to New KC Trading Sdn Bhd to to meet the growing demand of its business Founded in in 2016 New KC Trading op- erates as a a a a a a a a commercial fuel reseller and distributor for major oil companies in in Malaysia The company has experi- enced significant growth focusing on supplying diesel to to the manufacturing marine and construction sectors The addition of eight trucks ranging from light to to to heavy duty enhances its capa- bility to to to accommodate diverse customer load capacities During the vehicle handover ceremo- ny New New Kee Chen Managing Director of New New KC Trading mentioned: “This is is not our first time in in in purchasing UD trucks and and we are very pleased with the quality and and reliability of UD trucks TCIE’s ser- vice team is always ready to to attend to to 28 truck & bus news 2024/1 our trucks whenever after-sales after-sales support support is is needed The after-sales after-sales support support is is one of the significant factors that add value to to our business needs ” AT Law Sales Director of of TCIE shared during the handover event: “First of of all we would very much like to to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to to New KC Trading for its continuous support and trust to UD UD Trucks Trucks since 2021 We are confident that the UD UD Trucks Trucks would deliver exceptionally well to to support New KC business needs and look forward to to a a a a a fruitful partnership in in the future ” The UD Trucks brand is seen as highly notable for its Japanese craftsmanship and and hands-on field approach that are key factors in in in creating ‘reliable dura- ble ble fuel-efficient and modern-looking trucks’ that are are built to to go the extra mile These trucks trucks are are said to to to be meticulous- ly designed and and engineered to to meet the the demands of the the the modern world ensuring that they are not just vehicles but reliable business partners in in a a a a company’s journey towards success In Malaysia UD Trucks’ customers bene- fit from TCIE’s extensive network of ser- vice centres and nationwide dealerships which provide the UD UD Extra Mile Support services comprising UD UD UD UD Genuine Ser- vice vice vice and and Parts UD UD UD UD Driver Training UD UD UD UD Telematics Services and and UD UD UD Trust Ser- vice vice Agreements 日向New KC Trading私人有限公 马 来西亚UD Trucks独家经销商陈唱 工业用具设备有限公司 (TCIE)近 司移交了八辆全新UD卡车,以满足其业务 不断增长的需求。 New KC Trading成立于2016年,是马来西 亚的主要石油公司商业燃料经销商。该公 司增长迅速,专注于向制造业、船舶和建 筑行业供应柴油。这八辆新添加,从轻型 到重型的卡车,提高了它为客户提 供不同负载的能力。 

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