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versa ultimately enhancing economic de- velopment for city and rural regions In his welcoming speech Dato K K K K K K Wong President SEKLA SEKLA affirmed that SEKLA SEKLA had steadfastly supported its members and and the the industry over the the past nine years and and pledged to persist in in in in these efforts He also encouraged indus- try players from other races to consider joining the the association Meanwhile Dato’ Ng Koong Sinn President MTF expressed his satisfaction at at at witness- ing ing ing an an increasing number of young leaders emerging in in in in in in in the the logistics industry with many second and third generation taking the the the helm of their respective family business “As SEKLA celebrates its its ninth anniver- sary it it it is important not only to honour its its previous achievements but also address the the trends and challenges shaping the the fu- ture of of our industry The restructuring of of diesel subsidies and and Sales and and Service Tax (SST) are expected to elevate our operating costs ” Highlighting the the critical role of diesel in in in in the the trucking industry Ng emphasised that any changes in in in in pricing and and availability would significantly impact operational costs and and profitability The uncertainty surrounding diesel subsidies he he he stressed hindered the the ability of logistics players to plan and invest confidently Therefore he he he he urged the the government to to provide clear solutions and implement changes gradually to to minimise the the disruption in in in the the transportation industry He stressed that the the six per cent SST had already escalated their financial strain "The imposition of this duty could po- tentially hike our our customers' operational expenses thereby impacting our our service competitiveness We believe the the gov- ernment should reconsider restructuring this tax and consider consider exempting it for the transportation industry " Additionally he he highlighted various chal- lenges encountered by the industry in- cluding escalating maintenance costs a a a a a a a shortage of skilled drivers and the neces- sity to to to adapt to to to evolving customer expec- tations However Ng remains optimistic stating that if all members could could come together in in in unity they could could transform these challenges into opportunities and ensured that the the association's voice was effectively heard “We must also uphold our commitment to technology and embrace new innova- tions such as exploring alternative fuel for sustainability ” he added Additional highlights of the evening com- prised a a a a a a a a a cake-cutting and and toasting cer- emony an an an auction featuring liquor and and paintings for for charity a a a a a a a a a a a a lucky draw session and captivating singing performances 中包括卡车制造商和供应商代表、会员、 嘉宾和媒体等。他说,首相安华领导下的 团结政府,在去年推出2030年大马工业新 蓝图,旨在通过制造业和与制造业相关的 服务业的战略性工业政策来提振国家经 济。他说,雪州政府将会配合中央政府积 极招商引资,其中雪州政府最注重的领域 就是物流业,因为大马具有得天独厚的地 理位置,而码头、机场、铁道及大道都得 依靠卡车来运输货物。 他续说,罗里公会除了在促进无缝物流方 面发挥着至关重要的作用外,还要促进城 市与郊区之间的衔接,让城市的产品得以 运输到郊区,反之亦然,这样才能促进城 市和农村地区的经济发展。 雪隆罗里公会会长拿督王建吉在致欢迎辞 时肯定了雪隆罗里公会在过去九年来的付 出。他表示,公会始终坚定不移地支持会 员和运输行业,并承诺将继续努力向前迈 进。他也不忘鼓励其他种族的业内人士加 入公会。 马来西亚罗里同业会长拿督黄冠燊表示, 他很高兴在物流行业里看到越来越多的年 轻领袖,其中有许多来自掌管各自家族企 业的第二代和第三代接班人。 “在雪隆罗里公会庆祝成立九周年之际, 我们除了庆祝和纪念之前的成就,还要去 应对影响我们行业未来的趋势和挑战。柴 油补贴和销售及服务税(SST)的重组预 计将提高我们的运营成本。” 黄冠燊强调了柴油在卡车运输行业中的关 键作用,并强调柴油价格及供应的任何变 化均会严重影响他们的运营成本和盈利能 力。尤其是近期柴油津贴的重组所带来的 不确定性,将影响他们的规划能力及投资 信心。因此,他敦促政府,提供明确的方 案,逐步实施变更,以尽量减少对运输业 的干扰。 他申诉,6%的销售服务税已增加了他们在 财务和利润方面的负担。“该税收可能增 加我们客户的成本,间接导致我们的服务 竞争能力下降。因此我们认为,政府必须 对该税收进行审查,考虑豁免运输方面的 税收。” 他表示,除了上述要面对的问题外,他们 的行业也面临着其他的巨大挑战,如卡车 维护成本的剧增、有经验司机的严重短缺 及需要符合客户需要等。 “我们必须坚持和拥抱新技术,如探讨 可替代的燃油,打造可持续性的交通运 输。”他补充说。 当晚的其他节目包括切蛋糕和敬酒仪式、 洋酒和慈善画作拍卖、抽奖环节和精彩的 歌唱舞蹈表演等。 九周年庆典。 雪 雪 隆罗里公会(SEKLTA)最近在 雪兰莪史里肯邦华总大厦举办 在这个一整天的活动里,包含了卡车及 供应展览会、马来西亚罗里同业总会 (MTF)中央理事会会议及加德士(Cal- tex)补贴柴油控制系统(SKDS)讲座, 并以盛大的晚宴作为结束。 此次的展会共有25家公司参加,包括大马 曼恩、洋珉汽车及工业零部件私人有限公 司(YonMing Auto & Industrial Parts Sdn Bhd)、丰成集团(Sinotruk豪瀚)、 陈唱工业用具有限公司(UD Trucks)、De Auto Industries私人有限公司 (在不同展 位分别展出福田和华菱的产品)、NBG In- dustrial私人有限公司(FAW)、CIMC Vehi- cles Malaysia 私人有限公司、精工科技 轮胎复新有限公司、Gotrays Global有限 公司及First Unitex轮胎复新有限公司。 雪州行政议员黄思汉为该晚宴主持开幕仪 式。会上冠盖云集,有900名与会者,其 32 truck & bus news 2024/2 

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