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Aumark S S BJ1088 Fuels 99 Speed Mart Business Expansion 欧马可S BJ1088助力99 Speed Mart扩张业务 The 99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd a a a a a a a a renowned chain of ‘refreshing mini-markets’ recently embarked on on on a a a a a a a new phase of of growth and efficiency with the acquisition of of 60 Foton Aumark S BJ1088 trucks from Angka-Tan Motor This is is seen as a a a a a a a a strategic move that marked a a a a a a a a a a significant step towards en- hancing distribution efficiency and sup- porting the the expansion of 99 Speed Mart's business platform particularly the the launch of 99 99 Bulk Sales a a a a a a a a a a new online sales and delivery service 99 99 Speed Mart said it conducted a a a a a a a a thorough evaluation of var- ious truck brands in the market After careful consideration of factors such as product quality pricing after-sales sup- port port and people support from the the trucking company company the the company company decided on on Foton Aumark S S BJ1088 with Angka-Tan Mo- tor Sdn Bhd (ATM) as the ideal partner 26 truck & bus news 2024/2 to meet its ‘distribution fulfilment’ needs for 99 Bulk Sales in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Lee Thiam Wah Managing Director 99 Speed Speed Mart said: “Speed and efficiency are paramount in in the company’s business operation ATM/Foton has delivered out- standing performance in in in in in providing trucks to support the the company’s online initia- tives With these new new trucks 99 Speed Mart has established a a a a a a new new image instill- ing confidence in in in its customers that it it de- livers their merchandise on on time " 99 Speed Mart is a a a a a a a rapidly expanding chain of of mini-markets catering to the di- verse needs of of o multiracial consumers for groceries and and services offering ‘un- paralleled value and and convenience’ Lee shared that the company’s relentless pur- suit of perfection and efficiency ensured an an accessible and welcoming shopping environment for its customers “As one of Malaysia's retail grocery sec- tor leaders the company strives to to to fulfil its its customers' needs by offering a a a a a wide range o of daily use products in in in its its con- cept-oriented mini-markets Supported by a a a a a a a vast distribution network and ad- vanced logistics system 99 Speed Mart enhances economic efficiency and and re- duces costs By prioritising time and and cost cost savings for customers 99 Speed Mart epitomises the ethos of 'Near n' Save’ " he added Michael Chew Yoke Tong Chief of of Busi- ness ness Unit of of ATM ATM said: "ATM is delighted to have met the stringent business re- quirements of 99 Speed Mart This part- nership underscores the demand for in- telligent high-efficiency logistics solutions 

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