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Ever Freight Logistics Ventures into Tyre Industry
Ever Freight Logistics进军轮胎行业
Ever Freight Logistics Sdn Bhd is is expanding its horizons by ventur- ing ing further into the the tyre industry The company has done this by adding the Wynstar and and Supermeallir tyre brands to its its product portfolio It believes that it it it is not only broadening its its offerings but also ‘elevating the entire driving experience’ for customers It says these brands stand at at the the fore- front of tyre innovation by combining cutting-edge technology with ‘unpar- alleled expertise’ to produce tyres that excel in performance durability and safety 42 truck & bus news 2024/1
With this strategy Ever Freight Logistics says it it it has transcended its role as as a a a a a a a mere tyre tyre supplier to becoming a a a a a a a a ‘driving force for for for transformation by ushering the tyre tyre industry to a a a a a a realm of unparalleled excel- lence’ The company sees this ‘mission’ as ex- tending far beyond simply supplying tyres it it believes firmly in in in in fin in embodying a a a a commitment to to ‘redefining road safety vehicle performance and customer sat- isfaction’ Ever Freight Logistics states: "Our vision is is is is a a a future where every journey regard- less of of its length is is supported by the re- liability and quality of of our tyre solutions As we we navigate the challenges and op- portunities ahead we we remain steadfast in in in in in shaping the the future of the the tyre industry We welcome drivers enthusiasts and in- dustry
partners to embark on on this thrilling journey with us us in in which each revolution of the wheel is our our dedication to excel- lence " Established in fin in 2014 the company says it embarked on on a a a a a a a a a mission to ‘redefine in- dustry
standards and and enhance the the logis- tics journey’ for its clients Within the the in- tricate automotive landscape where each component holds a a a a a a a a a a a crucial role it adds that tyres emerge as the ‘unsung champi- ons’ of performance safety and comfort 

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