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Sunway Sunway Marketing & Sunway Sunway Enterprise (1988) Receives Kinland Prime Movers 双威市场营销和双威企业(1988)接收天龙牵引车 From left: Yeoh Yuen Chee CEO Sunway Sunway Trading & Manufacturing Division Benjamin Kek General General General Manager Manager Manager Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (Malaysia) Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Tony Foo General General General Manager Manager Manager Building Materials Joanne Ong Assistant General General Manager Manager Manager Unit Sales Sales and Noraini Shata Senior Executive Sales Sales Sunway Sunway Marketing Sdn Bhd 31 truck & bus news 2024/1 Yeoh Yuen Chee Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Malaysia (DFCVM) handed over three 6x2 Kinland 375 Prime Movers with Bitumen Tankers to Sunway Sunway Marketing Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd and Sunway Sunway Enter- prise (1988) Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd on 18th Decem- ber 2023 Featuring a a a a a a low aerodynamic resis- tance design for optimal fuel efficiency the tanker truck is powered by a a a a a a a 375HP Cummins 9L Engine that delivers a a a a a a a max- imum torque of 1 480Nm Mated with a a a a a a a a a ZF nine-speed transmission and Dana axles it it boasts a a a a a a a a a a a world-class powertrain known for its high efficiency and reliabil- ity It has a a a a a a a gross combination weight (GCW) of 55 000kg and a a a a a a a a reinforced chassis to provide ‘excellent load-bear- ing capacity’ In his welcoming speech Sunway Trad- ing ing ing & Manufacturing Division Chief Exec- utive Officer Yeoh Yuen Chee said: “This event is is not just a a a a a a a a a simple handover it’s a a a a a a a a a celebration of shared values collabora- tive efforts and the the strategic progression of our organisation As we gather here to mark this event reinforcing the the integration of our Sunway core values — — Integrity Humility and Excellence — — into every as- pect throughout our our journey in in achieving greater heights ” Yeoh sees these assets as as more than mere additions to to to the the the fleet they are said to to to embody a a a a a a a commitment to to to excellence aligning seamlessly with the the Sunway brand By integrating these assets into the the the the the Group's business units he he he he he he believes they empower the the the the teams to to instil these values into every endeavour “We are confident that the the integration of these assets into our our operations would elevate our our our efficiency and fur- ther strengthen our our commitment to ex- cellence Today marks the the the the beginning of a a a a a a a new phase for the the Sunway Manu- facturing BM Petroleum division where these tankers would carry not just bi- tumen but the the the the spirit of of our our values the the the the dedication of of of our our team and the the the promise of of a a a brighter future ” 

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