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MANTAP to Win Truckers’ Hearts and Minds MANTAP赢得卡车司机青睐 A A A wefie with MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks The recent MANTAP 2023 event at at MAN MAN Port Klang attracted more than 60 truckers fleet owners and and enthusiasts Partici- pants enjoyed test drives and and and engaged in in in challenges like parallel parking and and cab-tilting with attractive prizes up for grabs Local delights kept spirits high Abdul Rahim Kodir his twin brother and two friends drove all all the the the the way from Jerantut Pahang specifically for the the the the event All four are are truck enthusiasts who plan to take their commer- cial driving licences this year and embark on new careers as as truckers “We followed MAN MAN Malaysia’s activities for the past year on social media and and were delighted to know about MANTAP It is good that we we could see and and and experience the the the new MAN MAN TGS up-close All of us us love the the the design and and the the the simple but spacious cabin ” he said Marrapan Kandasamy approves the new MAN TGS MAN MAN MAN MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN (MAN Malaysia) sees its MANTAP (MAN (MAN Test and and and Prove) trucker appreciation and and and test drive event as key to winning the hearts and and and minds of important target audience – truckers The company believes in in in in forging strong connections with truckers truckers recognising their pivotal role in in in in organisational truck truck truck purchase decisions The MANTAP event offers truckers truckers an an an exclusive chance to test drive the the the new Euro V-powered MAN MAN TGS prime movers and immerse themselves in the the the German marque's ethos “At MAN the the company prioritises trucker engagement ensur- ing they receive top-notch service service Its service service centres provide a a a a a a a a a a a a a comfortable ambiance with plush sofas refreshments and entertainment " said MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks 22 truck & bus news 2024/1 A A visitor being briefed on the the features of the the new MAN TGS 

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