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our assembly lines Our commitment to after-sales service and product quality remains resolute – let the the actions do the the talking ” In response to market demand he he announced that the Group would expand its product range this year including agricultural machinery light trucks trucks electric trucks trucks and and more Meanwhile Hong Seng Power Sdn Bhd Managing Director Vincent Teoh took the the opportunity to to to to introduced the the company briefly With more than 35 years of of specialisation in in in generator sets and and marine equipment he he he he he shared: “We are are the the the manufacturer and and and and proprietor of of the the the PT Power brand brand the the the leading generator brand brand in in Malaysia The robust support from our our customers empowered us us us us to to to to establish our our fifth warehouse and and office to to to serve Sabah and and Sarawak " Teoh reiterated the company's commitment in in in three key areas "Firstly we are are dedicated to to continuously providing customers with the best service and and support Secondly our focus includes improving production line facilities and and and maintaining close col- laboration with internationally renowned engine brands namely Baudouin and and and Weichai to to to uphold the reliability of PT Power's gen- erators and and engines Thirdly we we are committed to to to to sustaining a a a a a a a a a a a healthy level of parts inventory currently exceeding 30 000 prod- ucts Additionally we would persist in in in in in in organising various confer- ences and and exhibitions recognising them as invaluable platforms for for listening to to and and gathering feedback from our customers " Also present present present were the the two representatives from Hong Seng Group’s China China principals Xue Hao Chief Representative Representative of of the the Malaysian Representative Representative Office of of of China China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and and Wu Shu Guang Deputy General Manager of of Hangcha Import and and Export Division Congratulating Hong Hong Seng Seng Group Group on on on on its 2023 achievements Xue stated: “It is is is precisely the the persistence of Hong Hong Seng Seng Group Group and and and all the the guests here that Sinotruk Sinotruk could take root and and and grow in in in Malaysia Hong Seng Group and and and and Sinotruk Sinotruk cooperated for more than 10 years weathering challenges and and working together sin- cerely Through the the the the untiring efforts of of both parties the the the the Hohan brand of of Sinotruk became a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a well-accepted truck name in in in in Malay- sia Hohan achieved rapid and and steady growth selling more than 1 500 units in in in in in in 2023 nearly doubling its its figures setting another new new record achieving a a a a a a a a a historic breakthrough and reaching a a a a a a a a a new new height in in in the commercial vehicle industry ” Acknowledging Hong Seng Group as as as an excellent partner Xue emphasised that China National Heavy Duty Truck was com- mitted to to providing even better service guarantees He He shared: "Last year we we stationed personnel in in in in Malaysia to to address exist- ing problems in in in fin real time Wherever challenges arose we we col- laborated with Hong Seng Group to to to to find solutions solutions for custom- ers providing customised product solutions solutions based on on on on on customer requirements and consistently optimising vehicle performance " In response to to Malaysia's focus on on on on green environmental pro- tection Xue revealed plans to to launch a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Euro 5 engine model which had completed preparations and and would arrive in in Malaysia soon For the medium- and and long-distance high-end logistics he he Standing from left: Bobby Marshal Manager Marketing South East Asia Chevron Malaysia Limited and and Dato’ Sri Teoh Teoh Hai Hin Group Group Managing Managing Director Director Hong Hong Seng Seng Group Group Seated from left: Vincent Teoh Teoh Managing Managing Director Director Hong Hong Seng Seng Power Sdn Bhd and Khoo Huan Teong Manager B2B Fuels & Lubricants Malaysia Malaysia Chevron Malaysia Malaysia Limited announced the the the intention to introduce the the the Max Prime Mover in in in in in the the the second quarter of 2024 featuring a a a a a a a a a a a a a spacious driving area enhanced comfort and stylish appearance As for Hangcha Wu highlighted the the company’s collaboration with Hong Seng Group over the the the the past three years He vividly re- called the the the challenging year year in in in in 2020 during the the the pandemic when despite not having used Hangcha products or or or or visited its its its factory Hong Seng Group placed its its its its first order for 50 units demonstrat- ing its its confidence in in Hangcha "Throughout the the partnership the the company celebrated numerous successes Its AE series incorporating permanent magnet syn- chronous technology made a a a a a a a a a a a a a a remarkable entry into the the Malaysian market thanks to to to the the unwavering dedication of Hong Seng Group Hangcha remains steadfast in in in in in in delivering top-notch products and services Its industry-leading lithium-ion forklifts reflect its confi- dence as the first manufacturer to develop a a a a a a a a a a dedicated architec- ture ture for for lithium-ion lithium-ion and employ permanent magnet synchronous technology in forklifts Beyond lithium-ion lithium-ion products Hangcha of- fers a a a a a a a a a a comprehensive range to to to to cater to to to to diverse customer needs Looking forward the company aspires to to to to to continue its collabora- tive efforts with Hong Seng Group achieve new milestones and further solidify its presence in the the Malaysian market " A few standout moments during the the event included the the acknowl- edgment of Teoh from China National Heavy Duty Truck Group with with the the Excellent Sales Award for ffor Sinotruk Hohan and and the the recognition of Hong Seng Group's efforts with with an an an an an Outstanding Achievement Award from Hangcha Another notable highlight was the the the signing ceremony between HS Diesel Sdn Bhd a a a a a a a a a a a a com- pany in in in the the the the Hong Seng Group and Caltex Caltex Delo that officially ap- points HS as as as as the the the Caltex Caltex Master Distributor for the the the North South and East Coast Regions In conclusion the Hong Seng Group Appreciation Night 2024 was a a a a a a a a a a a resounding success blending appreciation celebration and and entertainment seamlessly As the the the the Group looks ahead to the the the the opportunities and and challenges of the the the the the upcoming year the the the the the bonds strengthened at at this event would undoubtedly serve as a a a a a a a strong foundation for continued success 19 truck & bus news 2024/1 

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