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Hino Total Support Contest 2023 2023年日野全方位支援大赛 From Left: Motonori Nakamura Masahiro Kumasaka Hiroshi Takahashi Ahmad Yasmin Yahya at the the launching ceremony of the 9th Hino Total Support Contest 2023 Hino Hino Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Hino Malaysia) Malaysia) re- cently held its its 9th annual Hino Hino Hino Total Support (TS) Contest at its its headquarters in in in Petaling Jaya The The contest contest attracted 95 skilled contestants hailing from 15 Hino authorised dealer companies Themed as ‘Best in in in in Town’ the the com- petition is is is said to to to encapsulate the the commitment to to to genuine cus- tomer partnership through two core values – ‘Maximise Vehicle Vehicle Up-Time’ and ‘Minimise Vehicle Vehicle Lifetime Cost’ Contestants com- peted based on on on their expertise in in five categories: Sales Service Spare-Parts Customer Success Operation (CSO) and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a new ‘Best in in Town’ category category Hino Malaysia Malaysia said each category category reflect- ed its mission to to to be be Malaysia's most customer-centric and reliable commercial vehicle company in in in in contributing to to to a a a a a a a a a a better living envi- ronment by offering ‘Best-fit Products’ and ‘Total Support’ Aligned with Hino's Product Product Sales Sales philosophy that emphasised the the the provision of of the the the Best-fit Product Product Sales Sales Category contestants were evaluated on on on their understanding of of Hino products and and fa- miliarity with the the the Total Support (TS) programme through theoret- ical ical and practical assessments These participants were tasked with explaining the Hino Total Support concept to to customers This involved aspects such as as as maintenance contracts Free Service Programme Programme (FSP) Hino Hino Connect Hino Hino Hino Membership Programme Programme and and the proficiency in in in in in in in Selling and and Closing skills for new Hino Hino Vehicles Hino Malaysia said its its service quality significantly influenced its its after-sales reputation with customer satisfaction being par- 14 truck & bus news 2024/1 amount for a a a a a a a a a positive brand image The Service Service Category was aimed at at nurturing top-notch technicians divided into Service Service Service Technician and Service Service Advisor to to to compete for the title of ‘Best in Town’ In the Service Technician category participants worked on a a a a a a a me- dium commercial vehicle (MCV) size lorry that presented unique challenges distinct from the the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) used in in in in the the previous year The focus was on on rectifying simulat- ed ed issues by showcasing repair and diagnostic skills along with troubleshooting abilities As for the the the Service Advisors category a a a a role play involved cus- tomers questioning technical issues with their trucks to to to test the the the Advisors' Advisors' proficiency in in in clear and customer-friendly explanation The evaluation emphasised the fluency o of Service Advisors' Advisors' in- teraction with customers For the the parts category the the contestants were tested on on Hino Hino Product Knowledge 5S & 7 Storage techniques and Hino Hino Basic Parts Identification The practical test for the parts advisor cate- gory involved a a a a a a a a a a a a a a role play of warehouse activities like Selection Binning Packing and and Receiving Shipment Contestants were put to to the the the challenge and and evaluated on on their proficiency in in in in in in fin in using the the the HIECHO-X a a a a a a system used to to find Hino parts numbers The Customer Success Operation (CSO) was a a a a a a a a pivotal role dedicated to to to to establishing a a a a a a a a a a deep connection with Hino and its customers A successful CSO team member was expected to to to possess crucial soft skills like effective communication and em- 

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