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‘Best in Town’. To achieve this status, they need to take good care of every customer and invest on employee sat- isfaction.” For instance, he continued, dealers should improve work-place envi- ronment such as providing rest areas for their mechanics.           -      - py employees, he explained, were more mindful of their work and would give more attention to customer’s needs, which im- proved operational and after-sales quali- ty. This created a more satisfying custom- er experience that ultimately increased          was focusing on onboarding quality, which meant that when the company delivered a new vehicle to a customer, it would explain to him or her the prod-     - grammes - from warranty, free service, membership programme to EZ care and maintenance contracts - so that custom-       available services. “The company’s product price includes                   - cation towards customer and its role to       activities. It has many programmes and training that aim to achieve two goals - maximise vehicle uptime and minimise vehicle lifetime cost.” To ensure that its customers know about the services that the company provides,                    call the customer after the company de- livers the vehicle and ask for feedback on the handover process as well as make sure that the customer is aware about the after-sales programme, driver training, warranty, just to name a few.”               connection and its customers, and re- move barriers between customers and the product they used. “The company progresses by trial and error. It is aware that some smaller dealers could not af-          handles other tasks. To date, 80 to 85              every three months to listen to their is-        the company rewards the top three                        Uchiyama stressed the importance of Total Quality that consisted of product quality and total support quality. To max- imise quality, he noted, the company had to provide total support. This included un- derstanding the customer needs and dif-       each customer. An example, he said, was for customers that wanted to improve fuel      eco-drive training. “The company also has safety drive training for drivers to reduce accidents. Although the driver behaviour monitoring camera is not our standard feature, we could work with third parties to provide the option on customer request.”            development programme, he added, in- creased employee engagement and per- formance that ultimately boosted custom- er satisfaction. Especially mechanics, he pointed out, who ensured the quality and functionality of the vehicles for maximum uptime and no return jobs.       it has mechanics internship programmes. After the junior mechanics graduate, the company trains them for eight months at its centre before sending them to the deal- ers. As long as the dealers register their        additional incentives based on the num- ber and type of jobs that they perform. The company has four grades of mechanics; junior, senior, pro and master. The higher the rank, the greater the incentive.” The reason for this, he revealed, was because the salary for mechanics was generally low and the company wanted to improve their position. This incentive pro- gramme was not for one or two years but  Atsushi Uchiyama (2nd left), Managing Director, Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd presenting a mock key to Rodney Khor, Director, Mighty Bakery Sdn Bhd during the Hino 200 Series Pre-Booking Ceremony. Witnessed by Bruce Chan (5th right), Director, Soo Chuan Motor Credit Sdn Bhd (Hino’s dealer); Patric Jang (2nd right), Director and Edmund Yim (far right), Director, Timing Vehicles. 7 truck & bus news 2023/4 

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