Express Bus Companies Can Now Expand Services in Central Sarawak

Lanang Road Bus Company and Kapit Bus Express
Source: Bernama

With the completion of the 100km-route connecting Sibu and Kapit, express bus companies can now expand their services in central Sarawak according to news reported by Bernama.

Two Bus Companies Operates New Route Between Sibu and Kapit  

According to Bernama, the first company to expand its services to the area is the Lanang Road Bus Company Berhad which started operating on the new route on 1st January 2022.

The return shuttle route, Lanang Road Bus Company Manager Chua Huat said, will be from Sibu Town — Song Town — Kapit Town, with buses leaving at 7am, 11am and 3pm daily, and a fare of RM22 for a one-way trip. The company also offer services for routes to and from Kuching City and Miri City to Pekan Song and Bandar Kapit, where passengers will take a connecting bus at the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Previously, residents living along the upper reaches of the Rajang River relied on express boat services to go to Sibu town as well as other major cities or destinations outside Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Kapit Bus Express will also begin offering similar shuttle services from 20th January.

It was reported that one of its founders, Lim Chong Yee, the company would have eight air-conditioned express buses with sitting capacities of either 23 or 31 seats, offering direct travel between Sibu and Kapit daily.

He said the buses were scheduled to leave the stations at 6.30am, 7.30am, 8am, 10am, 12 noon,  12.30pm, 2pm and 4pm with a one-way fare of RM22.

Source: Bernama


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