Transport Ministry Tells Its Agencies to Prepare for New Wave of Flooding

Datuk-Seri-Dr-Wee-Ka-Siong, Source: Shutterstock

All agencies under the Transport Ministry have been instructed to prepare for the second wave of floods in the country. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong also confirmed discussions with the ministry's secretary-general for all ministry agencies to make the necessary preparations, in news reported by Bernama.

All Action Taken to be Based on Stipulated SOPs

“When in a desperate situation, people have nowhere to go, they have to run to the nearest LRT station...So that's where they take shelter... we will look into how we can turn LRT station into PPS relief centres," the Transport Minister told reporters.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that the government had agreed to form a special task force for post-flood and to prepare for the second wave of floods.

Wee said agencies under the Transport Ministry would assist in every possible way to ease the burden of those affected by the floods, adding, "Some states have held meetings. I’ve had discussions with several parties and found that our preparations are well organised, for public transport services, such as bus and rail, which we are always monitoring.

"During flooding, certain stations have to be closed due to safety factors, we will ensure that it will be done according to SOP," he said.

On Dec 21, Wee was reported to have said that flood victims will be exempted from paying replacement fees for lost or damaged driving licences, road tax and Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC).

He said no period was fixed for the victims to replace the documents as each of them had other important matters to attend to such as managing the house and their family. However, he said those who wanted to get the exemption had to lodge a police report on the loss of documents before going to the Road Transport Department (RTD) counters.

Source: Bernama

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