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According to the latest figures released by the Malaysian Automotive Association only 35 commercial vehicles were produced in April with only 10 being sold.


Scania has named Alexander Vlaskamp as the new Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing for the company.

The three major breakthrough technologies featured in the Michelin X Multi Z2 are: Regenion, Infinicoil and HT Nylon.

Produced by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber Co., Ltd (Yanchang Rubber), Dynacargo covers a wide range of applications.

Daihatsu pride themselves in having the Daihatsu Gran Max in their product portfolio as a mode of transport especially for last mile carrier services.

Mpire Group has tailor made an Exclusive Risk Free Ownership programme for the large and medium logistics players to cope with the market situation.

Naidu Trans has a fleet of 38 Scania trucks and is run by a father and son team.

Iveco presented its new Iveco S-Way R Racing Trucks for Team Hahn Racing and Team Schwabentruck at the Iveco test track of its facility in Ulm..

MFTBC aims to further improve employees' work-life balance and productivity through its new mobile work policy.

Based on a modular system, the Scania NXT concept vehicle can change shape for varying urban assignments.

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